The Department of Kinesiology believes in the intentionality of the student to be responsible for their educational progress. Although all of the Kinesiology Department’s faculty and staff are dedicated to the academic success of our students, it is ultimately the individual responsibility of the student to make satisfactory progress.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Understanding course sequences
  • Completing prerequisites
  • Academic milestones
  • General departmental, school, and University guidelines


Advising for the Fall 2024 semester begins for continuing students on Monday, March 11, 2024. MOST (but not all) Kinesiology department students are required to attend All Day Advising & Registration (ADAR) on Friday, March 22, 2024.

ADVISor Assignments

Primary Academic Advisors

See instructions for how to find your advisor assignment by reviewing the Fall 2024 Advising Instructions. Students can contact their primary academic advisor at any time with questions or concerns, even if it is not the official advising period.

Some First Year and Sophomore Kinesiology majors are advised through the HHS Advising Center. Take a look at your Degree Works to see your advisor assignment. If you see more than one name, your PRIMARY advisor is usually the top name in the list.

If your primary advisor is:

  • Julie Boyer
  • Megan Cayton
  • Jennifer Clark
  • Erin Fox

or if you see “Advising Center, School of HHS” listed on your Degree Works, contact HHS Advising directly for help.

[email protected]
Margaret C. Moore Building, Room 413

All other Kinesiology majors are assigned a Kinesiology faculty member as their academic advisor. Students are highly encouraged to communicate with their advisor regularly to answer questions about career planning, graduation requirements, graduate school planning, advising and registration, and more. Students can find their advisor(s) by looking at their Degree Works.

KIN Faculty biographies and contact information can be found in the Kinesiology Faculty and Staff directory.

All students majoring in Physical Education and Health Teacher Education (PEHTE) are advised by the program director, Professor Judy Fowler, [email protected].

PEHTE / Kinesiology double majors are also advised by Professor Fowler.

New first year and transfer students either have to attend a SOAR or ARA session -OR- they will receive communication from UNCG with alternate advising instructions. Readmitted students also must wait for instructions from the university or department. Be on the lookout for information regarding orientation (if required) and advising and registration in your UNCG iSpartan email inbox.

Interested in seeing what courses may transfer to our B.S. in Kinesiology? Read our transfer student page for links and course equivalency information from North Carolina Community Colleges.

Pre-Professional Advisors

Students who are enrolled in one of UNCG’s preprofessional programs will have a secondary advisor assigned for that purpose. Preprofessional programs include Pre Physical Therapy, Pre Physician Assistant, Pre Medical, etc. The purpose of the preprofessional advisor is to help students plan for and navigate issues related to applying to graduate programs in their chosen career path.

In Degree Works, the preprofessional advisor’s name will appear below the student’s primary academic advisor.

General advising and registration issues should be referred to the student’s PRIMARY academic advisor, not their preprofessional advisor.


Registration for Fall 2024 for continuing UNCG students opens on Monday, April 8, 2024, but not everyone can register on the same day. UNCG has established registration access windows according to classification. (This is determined by your official classification as stated at the top of your Degree Works, which is based on your earned/completed credit hours.)

To find your specific registration open date, simply log into UNCGenie:

  • Log into UNCGenie > Student tab > Registration > Check Your Registration Status > look for your “Time ticket”  on the Registration Status page
  • Your registration window will open at 12:01 AM on the date specified in Genie

Kinesiology and Physical Education (PEHTE) virtual student folders are now in Microsoft SharePoint. (Box has been discontinued by the university.)

  • Most KIN majors assigned to the HHS Advising Center DO NOT have virtual folders yet. Please contact the HHS Advising Center if you need copies of your advising notes or you have lost your advising code.
  • KIN and PEHTE majors assigned to Kinesiology faculty advisors can find their virtual folder by selecting the appropriate option:

PEHTE-Kinesiology double majors, please select “Physical Education Majors”

Students who attended All Day Advising can find their course selection form and advising code in their student folder.

An approved course overload is required for students who want to take more than 18 credit hours in Fall or Spring, or more than 7 credit hours in any one summer session. Students planning on taking winter session courses should keep in mind that the credit hours are added to Spring (i.e. 6ch in Winter plus 15ch in Spring would total 21 credits for a spring semester overload request.)

Generally, overloads are granted to students with an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher, or students who are within one or two semesters of graduation.

Students who are advised by the HHS Advising Center must request an overload through the center.

PEHTE majors and students with Kinesiology faculty advisors must submit a KIN Course Overload Request Form. Once submitted, your overload request will be forwarded to your academic advisor for review. Please make sure that you provide all information requested in detail so that your advisor has all of the information needed to evaluate your request.

There are any number of reasons that a student may encounter a registration error when trying to sign up for classes. Some common registration errors and troubleshooting solutions include:

Corequisite error will happen when you are trying to register for only one part of a set of two or more courses that are corequisites. For example, when registering for a course with a separate lab component you must select both a lecture section AND one of the corresponding lab sections. You must register for all corequisites at the same time.

Prerequisite / test score error will pop up if you don’t have the required prereqs for the course OR, in some cases, if you transferred in your prereqs. 

  • If you don’t have the prerequisites, we cannot override that restrictions. Consider enrolling in the prerequisite course so that you can enroll in the target course in a future semester.
  • If you transferred in your prerequisites and you are encountering a prerequisite/test score error, please fill out the KIN Registration Error Form linked below.

Field of Study error occurs if you are not in the required program, major, or minor to register for a certain course. For example, KIN 477 is only open to students who are officially enrolled in the Sport Coaching minor.

An H next to a section number denotes an Honors section. If you are not a student in an honors college, you cannot register for any H section. Find another section that does not have the H designation.

If your issue is still occurring after review of the common registration errors above, please submit a KIN Registration Error Form and don’t forget to upload a screenshot or picture of the registration error message that you are receiving.

The form linked here is ONLY for errors with KIN prefix courses. If you are having trouble registering for another department’s course, please contact the corresponding department for help.

Kinesiology Appeals

An appeal can be completed for a range of issues including but not limited to: course substitution from a UNCG course, course substitution from a transferred course, prerequisite to be admitted to a course, GPA needed to be admitted to a course, etc.

To file a formal appeal, please submit a UNCG Kinesiology Department Appeal Form and follow all directions and submit all documents requested. Most appeals are reviewed by the KIN Undergraduate Studies Committee. Please see the sample student appeal letter for proper formatting of the appeal letter.