Helping Others Participate in Exercise (HOPE) is an innovative program designed to provide a safe and unique environment for individuals over the age of 50 to exercise on The University of North Carolina at Greensboro campus.

HOPE also provides practical, hands-on experience for Kinesiology students and research opportunities for faculty.


  • Affordably educate participants, including community members and UNCG faculty and staff, on the benefits and proper techniques of exercise, including aerobic, resistance, balance, and flexibility training.
  • Participants regularly experience physical, cognitive, social, and quality of life benefits.
  • We aim to successfully achieve our goals by allowing participants to work closely with Senior level undergraduate Kinesiology majors, experienced faculty and staff, and experts in other health-related areas.
  • HOPE is a state-of- the- art program that enriches both UNCG and the Greensboro community.

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Are you a community member or UNCG faculty or staff member interested in learning more about the HOPE program?

Are you a UNCG student interested in gaining hands-on experience for course credit?

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