The Sport Coaching Minor may be chosen by any degree-seeking UNC Greensboro student. Students will learn the profession of sport coaching including the nature of the profession, qualifications, skills, and issues relative to coaching in community youth sport, and interscholastic sport activities. Students will culminate their minor experience with opportunities to assume various responsibilities in selected sports under the guidance of qualified coaches.


  • Minimum of 19 credit hours

Required Courses:

KIN 220Lifetime Wellness 
KIN 286Foundations of Sport Coaching
KIN 287Coaching in Community-Based Sport Programs
KIN 353 -OR- KIN 265Injuries and Illnesses in Physical Activity -OR- Strength Training and/or Conditioning
KIN 388 -OR- KIN 230Psychology of Physical Activity -OR- Psychological Skills for Optimal Performance
NTR 213Introductory Nutrition


KIN 477Coaching Practicum in a Selected Sport * 
* KIN 477 is the last course to be taken in the minor and may be taken only after all other courses are completed.
Scott Wells as assistant coach runs the men's soccer team practice as they get in their last off season practice.
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