Department of Kinesiology

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The UNCG Department of Kinesiology is committed to innovative discovery with implications for the discipline and practitioners through research studies led by our faculty and through the direct involvement of our undergraduate students, graduate students, and community partners.

Research Groups

Our research programs function as Research Groups, with faculty who are diversely trained coming together to address common questions. Information about each Research Group, including the faculty associated with the Group, degrees and concentrations offered through their faculty, and each lab is below:

Introduction: This Research Group integrates knowledge across the fields of Biomechanics, Motor Behavior, Sports Medicine, and Athletic Training. This collaborative environment prepares practitioners, researchers, and educators to reduce injury risk, return to normal function following injury or disease, and improve health and performance of physically active individuals of all ages.

Faculty:Dr. Louisa Raisbeck, Dr. Christopher Rhea, Dr. Scott RossDr. Randy SchmitzDr. Sandy Shultz, Dr. Donna Duffy

Degrees offered: MS and PhD in Kinesiology

Concentrations: Applied Neuromechanics, Motor Behavior



Introduction: This Research Group focuses on advanced study in youth development and provides opportunities to further prepare competent, socially responsible physical activity practitioners for work in a variety of youth serving agencies as well as alternative school-based programs.

Faculty: Dr. Tom Martinek, Dr. Michael HemphillDr. Ben Dyson

Degrees offered: MS and PhD in Kinesiology

Concentrations: Community Youth and Sport Development (CYSD)



Introduction: The mission of the UNCG Exercise Physiology Research Group is to promote quality scientific inquiry that encompasses various aspects of performance, health, and well-being, and that can enhance and promote quality of life. Interests of the faculty span from applied functional aspects to subcellular research.

Faculty: Dr. Laurie WidemanDr. Allan Goldfarb, Dr. Jessica McNeilDr. Paul Davis, Dr. Anne BradyDr. Traci Parry

Degrees offered: MS and PhD in Kinesiology

Concentrations: Exercise Physiology



Introduction: This Research Group focuses on the development and evaluation of innovative physical activity curricula and programs for children, adolescents, and young adults (e.g., physical education curricula in elementary, middle, high schools and colleges).

Faculty: Dr. Ang Chen, Dr. Michael Hemphill, Dr. Ben Dyson

Degrees offered: MS and PhD in Kinesiology

ConcentrationsCurriculum and Pedagogy Studies in Physical Education



Introduction: This Research Group enhances human development and functioning by acquiring cutting edge knowledge that contributes to the development of the field of Sport and Exercise Psychology. This program integrates theory, research, and practice, and includes the study of cognitive, emotional, psychophysiological, and social factors that influence sport and exercise behaviors, as well as the effects of physical activity on psychological factors.

Faculty: Dr. Jenny EtnierDr. Diane GillDr. Erin Reifsteck, Dr. Jaclyn Maher, Dr. Adam Berg, Dr. Eric Drollette

Degrees offered: MS and PhD in Kinesiology

Concentrations: Sport and Exercise Psychology



Introduction: This research group focuses on enhancing professional practice and professional graduate education in kinesiology.  The EdD in KIN program is an interdisciplinary, professional program that addresses issues related to professional development and practice in kinesiology (e.g., physical education, athletic training, health and fitness).

FacultyDr. Pam Brown, Dr. Diane Gill, Dr. Erin Reifsteck, Dr. Michael Hemphill, Dr. Ben Dyson

Degrees offered: EdD in Kinesiology

Concentrations: EdD in Kinesiology (interdisciplinary)

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