Department of Kinesiology

School of Health and Human Sciences

Community Engagement: Middle College PE Program

In August 2011, a middle college was established at UNC Greensboro (UNCG). Its mission is to prepare students to be college, career, and life ready. Middle college high schools are alternative schools aimed to support “disaffected” students or students with the potential to perform up to academic standards but who fail to do so because of school or societal issues.

In other words, middle colleges are designed for students who are at-risk of grade failure, dropout, or social conflict. Small class sizes, access to university resources, and the opportunity to enroll in university level classes are some of the unique features provided to the students. Altogether, the Middle College at UNCG attempts to fulfill positive educational experiences for students admitted into this alternative high school.

This partnership with Guilford County Schools serves to be an important part of the university’s outreach mission. One of the school’s centerpieces is the Pathways program. Each year, this program provides students work shadow and internship experiences with a professional that aligns with their career interests.

Medical, health, and youth development professionals have provided valuable experiences for the middle college student who is seeking clarity about the career pathway that he or she has chosen.


  • Provide necessary support needed to have every student graduate from high school
  • Provide access to university resources to help fortify educational experience of all students
  • form various partnerships with health, medical, and youth development professionals in the Greensboro community to support worksite exploration, work shadow, and internship experiences for UNCG middle college students,
  • widened the students’ vision of possible careers in the health, medical, and youth development service industries through community worksite exploration, work shadow, and internship experiences,
  • have students develop effective work site skills related co-worker interaction, dress/physical appearance, communication, and work engagement


For those interested in working with a middle college student (i.e. tutoring and mentoring), contact either Ms. Keisha Brown (, the school’s principal or UNCG Professor Judy Fowler (