Women’s Physical Activity Has Always Been Political: 100+ years of active women and activism

For women in the US, physical activity has always been political. As part of UNCG’s “She Can, We Can” series coinciding with the women’s suffrage centennial, we developed the timeline below to highlight the history of women’s physical activity and activism at UNCG within the broader US sociopolitical context. The timeline incorporates information from university archives and interviews with current and former faculty and students.

For more information about this project, contact:

Dr. Erin Reifsteck
[email protected]

Note: This timeline is organized by UNCG history (labeled “UNCG”) and broader USA historical context (labeled “USA”). UNCG history appears on the bottom of the timeline and the USA context appears on the top.


Project team members:

  • Erin Reifsteck (‘11, ‘14)
  • Shelby Anderson (‘22)
  • DeAnne Brooks (‘10)
  • Adam Berg
  • Diane Gill

We thank the following individuals who were interviewed for this project:

  • Chimeri Anazia (‘22)
  • Lennie Gerber
  • Diane Gill
  • Lauren Griffin (‘20)
  • Vikki Krane (‘90)
  • Jo Safrit (‘57)
  • Clarice Young

We also acknowledge Erin Lawrimore, University Archivist, for her contributions to the timeline content.