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Labs: Motor Behavior Laboratory

Lab Contact

Dr. Louisa


Dr. Raisbeck is the director of this lab, which is a comprehensive space that allows for testing all aspects of human motor behavior, including balance and postural control. The laboratory is equipped with a NeuroCom® SMART Balance Master, which a computerized posturography system that scores the relative contributions of the visual, vestibular, and somatosensory systems (and a composite score) to postural control through a variety of balance tasks. The system utilizes a dynamic force plate with rotation capabilities to quantify the vertical forces exerted through the participant’s feet to measure center of gravity position and postural control; and a dynamic visual surround to measure the patient’s use of visual information to maintain balance. It provides assessment and retraining capabilities with visual biofeedback on either a stable or unstable support surface and in a stable or dynamic visual environment. The laboratory also contains the necessary space to perform the clinical metrics associated with this study [Functional Gait Assessment, Timed Up and Go, and the Berg Balance Scale]. The laboratory also contains a quiet seated space for participants to complete the patient-reported outcomes surveys (e.g., [Activities-specific Balance Confidence scale short version (ABC-6)].

Current Staff and Students