Master of Science in Athletic Training, M.S.A.T.

Plan of Study

Graduates of the AT program earn a Master of Science in Athletic Training (M.S.A.T.) degree. The AT Program is designed to prepare graduates for the National Athletic Trainers’ Association Board of Certification (BOC) exam leading them to a career as a certified athletic trainer.


Starting Fall 2021 we are excited to have our new M.S.A.T. curriculum! This curriculum approach education in a modular approach. This approach combines assessment, diagnosis, and therapeutic intervention around body parts.

Students now “close the loop” of assessing and treating an injury in one course as opposed to having separate and disconnected evaluation, modality, and rehabilitation courses. This approach is much more clinically realistic and aligns better with current learning and teaching theory.

In addition, the M.S.A.T. is offering two unique 8-week courses:

  • KIN 623 Detection and Correction of Functional Movement Patterns in the Physically Active Population
    Gives students a chance to dive deep into biomechanics, gait patterns, throwing mechanics, posture assessments, and other skills which are invaluable in assessment, rehabilitation, and return-to-play. 
  • KIN 624 Assessment and Treatment of the Lumbo-Pelvic-Hip Complex
    Gives students an intensive and deep look into one of the most difficult and challenging areas of dysfunction and rehabilitation for students. This course is unique to our MSAT and will give our students skills and knowledge that will set them apart in their future employment.


As part of your graduate studies, you will need to fill out a copy of your official Record of Progress. This serves as your master’s degree plan. The original copy of your Record of Progress must be kept on file in your Graduate Record with the Graduate Office, but you may check it out of your file briefly, or make a copy for your records. Your Record of Progress will help you keep track of the documentation and steps required to complete your degree.