Ed.D. Dissertation showcase and Doctoral hooding

Posted on May 31, 2022

2022 spring and summer Ed.D. graduates

The Ed.D. in Kinesiology program hosted a dissertation showcase for our students to allow them to share the exciting research they have been doing. Students presented their dissertation findings in a “lightning talk” format. It was a great opportunity for attendees (in person or on zoom), to learn more about the exciting and important work, and how it’s making a difference in their professional settings. We wrapped up the day with a celebration with students, family, faculty, and friends. 

GA Dr. Shelby Anderson, Dr. Natalie Boone, Dr. Ross Bouma, Dr. Katie Bowman, Dr. Chris Condran, Dr. Dianne Frehlich, Dr. Adam Graham, Dr. Steven Kong, Dr. Lisa Kokx, Dr. Mitch McGill, Dr. Crystal Reimer, Dr. Chris Stratton, GA Dr. Yanhua Eddy Shen, Dr. Dave Wiederrecht, Dr. Trisha Williams, Dr. Isabel Woelfel, Dr. Abbie Wrights, and Dr. Mairym Villalobos.

Our 2022 spring and summer graduates were celebrated at the University’s doctoral hooding. We are extremely proud of our students! Congratulations to you all! For anyone interested in learning more about the Ed.D. Online program, visit here.

To view the titles of their dissertation titles visit here: Dissertation Topics – Google Docs