Amber Fair Booker: a lot has changed in 6 months

Posted on November 18, 2022

One Wellness Center employees in front of the building entrance

After a little more than 6 months in business, we decided to check back in with Amber Fair Booker to hear more about how things are going at One Wellness Center, especially as she prepares to graduate from UNCG in December. Amber shared that things are going well and they can continue to grow their services. 

In October, she successfully defended her dissertation titled, “An intervention to promote self-efficacy and physical activity in people with Type 2 Diabetes.” Her work focused on creating and developing an exercise intervention for those with pre-diabetes and Type II diabetes. Many of Amber’s participants attended her defense to offer support as they were so proud of her accomplishment and appreciative of what she had done for each of them. Attendees noted how “you could feel the love and appreciation for Amber despite it being a virtual Zoom meeting. Amber truly changed the lives of her participants and they seemed to have done the same for her… Amber was showered by congratulations and wonderful words of kindness from her participants.” 

Listen to this video short clip by Amber talking a little bit more about how she developed her program, and its success. You can also read more about Amber’s advice for any aspiring business owner