Ed.D. Student opens wellness center

Posted on April 26, 2022

One Wellness Center employee and client
Amber Fair Booker

Amber Fair Booker, a 4th year student in the Ed.D. Kinesiology Program recently opened the One Wellness Center (OWC). OWC’s focus is to allow patients to be heard and not just seen, to treat individuals instead of just  their medical condition, and to create a space where people feel supported and guided in their wellness journey.

The grand opening of OWC was on March 17th, 2022. Since its opening they have been able to give back to the community by hosting free wellness consultations to over 20 people in the Greater Greensboro area. The free wellness consultations also known as Motivate, Educate, Translate- Program (MET-P) included the following: health and fitness assessments, mental health assessment, blood pressure and heart rate monitoring, and deep relaxation techniques. The program is designed for the staff to tap into the client’s mindset, encourage healthy habits (nutrition and exercise) and then allow the clients to use these tools to make for a more sustainable way of healthy living. OWC plans  to continue to spread their passion for health and wellness to the Greater Greensboro area by offering the MET-P or FREE wellness consultation twice a month to those in need. 

Amber had this to say about the Ed.D programs impact on her journey: “The EdD Kinesiology Program assisted me with turning my passion into my purpose. I was able to enhance my skill set, gain relationships and confidence to pursue a goal that will soon have a large impact in our society and community. During the development of OWC, I have been able to apply program coursework such as KIN 762 Program Design, KIN 724 Physical Activity and Health, and KIN 745 Social Psychology and Physical Activity as the core of OWC. I am forever grateful to the faculty and staff (Drs. Diane Gill, Pam Brown, and DeAnne Brooks) who have supported me in this journey and helped to make my dream a reality.” 

If you would like to learn more about what Amber is doing at OWC email [email protected]. For more information about the EdD Online program visit Here.