Department of Kinesiology

School of Health and Human Sciences

KIN Colloquium: Centering Culture in KIN Scholarship

We at UNCG were privileged to have Dr. Natalie Welsh and Dr. Ketra Armstrong lead a KIN colloquium on centering culture in KIN scholarship. Dr. Welsh is a member of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians and has committed her life’s work to the education and promotion of Native American athletes and athletics. Dr. Welsh has many valuable insights on how sports can serve as an expression of culture. In fact, Dr. Welsh created a documentary to highlight the significance of sports in Native communities, most specifically in her tribe, through her documentary She Carries On. Her presentation was filled with information vital to better understanding how to work with Native communities  in terms of partnerships, research, and more.

Dr. Armstrong, a professor at the University of Michigan as well as the Director of the Center for Race and Ethnicity in Sports (C-RAES) at the University of Michigan presented on the significance of recognizing race as an essential piece of culture in kinesiology. Her presentation highlighted that acknowledging its significance is a positive thing as it allows for a better understanding of all parties involved which leads to better outcomes and experiences for all. 

It was especially refreshing to hear from two women of color about their personal experiences, interests, and goals to help those within and outside of academia through their research and scholarship. The passion and authenticity that was shared in this colloquium was really amazing and inspiring. Dr. Welsh and Dr. Armstrong shared so much great information and we highly recommend that you check out the colloquium recording here.

A huge thank you to Dr. DeAnne Brooks, Dr. Michael Hemphill, and Dr. Ben Dyson for bringing these incredible presenters to the colloquium, as well as hosting this great event. 

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