Department of Kinesiology

School of Health and Human Sciences

Taekwondo for Fun with Sun

The EdD in KIN program hosted a virtual social event a few weeks ago. Yongsun “Sun” Lee, a PhD student and Taekwondo instructor, taught basic Taekwondo skills and movements including some punches, kicks, steps, and combinations of those skills as ways to move our body while having a lot of fun. Students enjoyed popping their jab and cross punches with Taekwondo steps. Also they demonstrated powerful front kicks and push kicks in their combinations, which was very creative. We did not forget to give big hands to each other after successful demonstrations and drills. One of the students who joined the activity said that “this was a fun social and got us to move in different ways.”

Taekwondo pose!

We really appreciate those who joined the virtual social event. We look forward to future socials to help keep us connected and having fun. Please let us know if you have ideas and suggestions for future virtual socials.!

Stay healthy, active, and connected. Good luck everyone for a successful completion of this semester! 

Best, GAs for EdD in KIN program

If you are interested in more information, visit the EdD in KIN website.