Department of Kinesiology

School of Health and Human Sciences

Christine Rockey is the Kinesiology department’s doctoral winner of the HHS Outstanding Graduate Award

Christine Rockey is KIN’s doctoral winner of the HHS Outstanding Graduate Award. An upcoming August graduate, Christine has been quite the ambassador for our online EdD program. She regularly drives up from South Carolina to participate in program orientations, frequently interacts with students in newer EdD cohorts, and served as a panelist at an informational symposium on UNCG’s EdD program at a National Association for Kinesiology in Higher Education meeting. She has received funding for and has already delivered a national presentation on her dissertation topic of the impact of high-intensity interval training in middle school students. Christine holds a number of fitness certifications and, at her “day job” at Coastal Carolina University, serves on several wellness-oriented committees.  During her “spare time”, she runs marathons and has served as a pacer at several large running events.

Christine shared with us, “Honestly, I was extremely shocked to find out I had gotten the award.

I got my masters in 1997 and the plan was to get my doctorate shortly after that. But, we moved, we got married, we had kids and life and priorities changed. I could no longer be a GA to help with the expenses of college because I had to work and I refused to use my kids’ potential college fun in order for me to get a degree I didn’t really need for the job I was in.  But, getting the doctorate was a dream I held on to. In 2015, CCU began a tuition reimbursement program which made me start looking again. I started at Univ of the Rockies because I had not found UNCG.  When a colleague told me about the program at UNCG, I changed my focus so I could attend a school with a better reputation in a program I found more interesting. Needless to say, this program has been a blessing in so many ways. Not only did I get to fulfill a lifelong dream, I got to meet some people who will be friends and mentors for life. While I am excited to be (almost) done, I will definitely have to make an effort to stay in touch with these friends. Thanks again for the honor! I am humbled and surprised.”

The award recipient of the School of HHS award is given in each of its academic departments. The Kinesiology Department chooses its recipients of this award based on strong academic credentials and exemplary service to the KIN Department. Students who graduated in December 2019 or who are expected to graduate in May or August of 2020 were eligible for this award.

Congrats Christine! We are proud to have you represent the EdD in KIN here at UNCG. For more information about the UCNG EdD in KIN program click here.