Department of Kinesiology

School of Health and Human Sciences

Proposals, Defenses, and Graduation — Oh My!

This past May was a busy month for the EdD in KIN program. Busy— in the best possible way. Numerous students from various cohorts were on campus to share their dissertation research with the UNCG community. We had 19 students propose their dissertations and 21 students defend and graduate. 

Our 2016 EdD in KIN cohort came to campus, as part of their third year visit, to propose their dissertation topics in front of peers and faculty. A few of their topics included: 

  • Physical activity and health/well-being in college students.
  • Athletic trainer use of patient-related outcomes.
  • Physical education and English language learning.

After proposing, students received feedback from their committees, went on team building exercises, and celebrated reaching this momentous milestone. They will be using this academic year, their 4th and final year, to conduct their various projects and collect data. We look forward to seeing them back on campus in 2020 to defend their dissertations and walk that stage as official doctors. Keep up the hard work, 2016 cohort! 

Our 2015 EdD in KIN cohort came to campus, as part of their 4th year visit, to defend their dissertations, participate in our first ever EdD in KIN Poster Presentation, and most importantly walk across the graduation stage to be hooded as official doctors. Some of the very exciting defense topics that our students defended and later showcased in the poster presentation included: 

  • Servant leadership in intercollegiate athletics.
  • Video modeling as a teaching tool at a military academy.
  • Respiratory therapy pedagogy. 
  • Adventure education programs.
  • Early specialization for club volleyball.
  • Mindfulness and physical activity. 

At the conclusion of the poster presentations we celebrated these new Doctors and their families at BoxCar Arcade with dinner, drinks, and fun — oh my! .

Congratulations to the following grads! We’re very excited to see all that you will accomplish! 

Nicholas J Beresic

Erika Wendy Bonadio

Cassandra Elizabeth Bukhin

Andrew Benjamin Carter

Jennifer Cole

Kimberly M. Clark

Heather Leah DeLangie

Nicholas Brian DeLangie

Martha Grace Dettl-Rivera

Janah Elisha Fletcher

Meaghan Kelly Howard

Gregory Carl Kingston

David Lewis Kyle

Misti Rene Mueller

Kenneth Edward Murczek

David John Opon

Callie Elizabeth Phillips

Lisa Dawn Powell

Melinda Beth Smith

Jason Allan Suby

Jacob Wesley Surratt

Story by: Shelby Anderson and Carine Kelleher

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