Department of Kinesiology

School of Health and Human Sciences

Kinesiology and the Arts: Graduate Students Present at HHS Donor Celebration

Emily Morris and Chanel LoJacono presented at the HHS 2017 Donor Celebration on Sept 28, 2017. Emily presented on Dance Medicine: The connection between Dance and Kinesiology. Chanel presented on Using Art to Study Kinesiology. Way to go!

Emily: I presented my work as the graduate assistant for dance medicine and how that has impacted both the department of dance and department of Kinesiology. I explained the common injuries that I see, how I build programs for dancers to help prevent further injuries, and best ways to treat and maintain a health life within dance.

Chanel: Art interpretation is a qualitative experience that varies with each observer. Making assessments about the fluidity, curvature, and angles within each art piece translates to how we clinically observe human movement and assess for injury or illness.