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Recently, EdD in KIN faculty and students participated in the Association for Applied Sport Psychology’s (AASP) Virtual Conference. The annual conference was held virtually October 21st-24th, 2020 and featured a variety of speakers including Brandon Marshall – former NFL all-Pro and Kara Goucher – Olympic Marathoner and World Champion Medalist. Several of our EdD students were able to present their work and research. 

Theodore Monnich, a fourth year student, presented a poster titled – “Mental Skills Needs Assessment of Ice Hockey Goalies.” This research focuses on the mental challenges and strategies most necessary for applied sport psychology consultants to consider when working with ice hockey goalies. 

Amanda Aguilar, a fourth year student, presented a poster titled – “The Effects of Sports Specialization on the Family Unit.” This research explores how an athlete’s participation in sports specialization affects the family unit, focusing on the temporal, social, relational, and economic aspects of family life. 

Lindsey Hamilton, a second year student, was a presenter on 3 panels, 2 symposiums, and 1 workshop. The presentations spanned a range of topics including measuring effectiveness of applied mental skills work, on-field ACT-based mental skills interventions, considerations for working with high school-aged athletes, and how mental performance consultants can navigate the mental health referral process. 

Dr. Pam Brown, Dr. Diane Gill, Amanda, and Ted were all in attendance for the virtual graduate career fair where they were able to meet and mingle with prospective EdD in KIN students. 
Great work Ted, Amanda, and Lindsey! For more information on AASP’s virtual conference go here. For more information on the EdD in KIN go here.

This year’s departmental Halloween looked a lot different than years past. With face coverings, social distance requirements, and other safety measures, we couldn’t hold our 4th Annual Halloween Extravaganza.

We did have faculty members dress up with their families, still! Check out Dr. Raisbeck and Dr. Hittinger from October 31, 2020. Don’t they look great!?

The EdD in KIN program is excited to welcome two new doctors to the ranks. Dr. Lauren Griffin and Dr. Kristi V. Johnson successfully defended their dissertations in October. The defenses were virtual, meaning that Lauren and Kristi were able to share their research with not only their committee’s, but also their peers, friends, and families. Their work will have a great impact on their individual settings. 

Dr. Lauren Griffin defended her dissertation titled, “Minorities in Kinesiology: Challenges Encountered in the Pursuit of an Athletic Training Degree and Beyond.” This study, along with other related research, highlights the challenges that plague minority enrollment and retention into the athletic training profession.

Dr. Kristi V. Johnson defended her dissertation titled, “A Framework for Developing Effective and Sustainable Asset-Based Community-Campus Partnerships in Dance.” Her findings highlighted the importance of considering faculty/community pairings and transactional partnerships as valid entry points to more complex organizational integration and mutually transformative relationships.

Dr. Lauren Griffin
Dr. Kristi Johnson

Congratulations Lauren and Kristi on successful defenses!

Dr. Kimberly Clark is currently a Clinical Associate Professor, Master’s in Respiratory Care Program Director, and Department of Kinesiology Assistant Chair at UNC Charlotte

Dr. Kimberly Clark, smiling

Since earning her doctorate degree from UNCG she has been more actively involved in professional service and research activities. Kim is co-chairing two committees as a member of the American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC) House of Delegates and working on a new project for the AARC Education Section Membership to develop a mentor/mentee program to help respiratory therapy faculty and aspiring faculty to achieve their professional goals. She is also working on developing two new graduate level respiratory therapy programs that are early in the development stages and was a co-author on 3 peer-reviewed publications in 2020. 

Kimberly shared, “The EdD program was very helpful in modeling a good online program. I use many of the practices that were incorporated into the EdD program in the courses that I currently teach online. The most important aspect about the EdD program for me was that it gave me a doctorate related to my professional field.”

Keep up the good work Kim!

On October 16th, the second EdD virtual social event brought students together for “Game Night,” which included several rounds of Pictionary. This event was hosted by the program’s graduate assistants to provide entertaining opportunities for the EdD students and alumni to get connected and have fun with their colleagues during these challenging and difficult times. The Kinesiology EdD program began these virtual socials last month with Trivia night, and will continue virtual social opportunities on a monthly basis for the rest of the academic year. 

Game Night was a success – there were many laughs and enjoyable conversations during the event. One of the students shared how she was so stressed and  was thankful she attended because it really helped her relax – “It was just what I needed after a long week. Another student commented, “I will definitely invite other friends for the next social.” One of the most enjoyable moments during the meeting was when some of the students’ children participated with their parents in the games, especially since they were the ones who could really figure out the Pictionary drawings. It was a great experience for attendees to meet a mix of students and alumni and share happiness with colleagues. Future socials will be hosted -including other game nights, yoga, and more.

Thanks for everyone’s participation and engagement in this event. We are looking forward to meeting with you again in the upcoming social events. 

If students or alumni have ideas or want to help host the future events, please contact us at 

2018 EdD in KIN alum, Eric Cash, is currently the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Dorman High School in Roebuck, South Carolina. He is also an adjunct professor at Liberty University in the Exercise Science Department, the President of the South Carolina Strength Coaches Association, and the State Director of South Carolina for the National High School Strength and Conditioning Association (NHSSCA). 

Eric Cash has been busy since graduating with his EdD from UNC Greensboro. He was recently featured on the Strength Talk & Shop Podcast. The podcast includes discussion on Strength & Conditioning and the life of being a coach. The speakers dive into many topics not just only on Strength but of life itself. Guests include some of the top names in coaching and people who compete in lifting. For more information or to listen to the podcast go here. Additionally, he recently helped to write a chapter for the NHSSCA Certification Manual and was named the NHSSCA 2020 National High School Strength Coach of the Year. 

Keep up the good work Eric!

Dr. Mindy Smith, a 2019 EdD in KIN graduate, recently published her dissertation. Mindy is currently an Assistant Professor in Applied Health Science and Director of Student Wellness at Messiah College. Mindy, along with her faculty mentors Dr. Diane Gill and Dr. Erin Reifsteck, published in the Journal – Case Studies in Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology. The paper is titled, “An Intervention to Support Collegiate Student-Athletes in the Transition to Meaningful Lifetime Physical Activity.” Here is the link to the article on Human Kinetics. 

Congrats Mindy! We love to see our EdD in KIN graduates continuing their work after graduating with their degree. For more information on the EdD in KIN program please visit here

A few weeks ago we kicked off our first monthly EdD in KIN virtual social event for the 2020-2021 academic year.  As we all know, it is hard to stay connected with others in the current climate. We wanted to offer something lighthearted and fun for students and alumni to take a break and connect. This first event was “EdD Trivia Night,” which was organized and hosted by Jene’ Baclawski, a member of the 2018 cohort. After introductions and some time to “mingle,”  students were randomly assigned to three teams to play four rounds of trivia: popular culture, adventures around the world, the kitchen sink, and UNCG EdD in KIN facts. After each round students were sent to their breakout rooms to discuss their ideas and submit their team answers using Google forms.  

There was lots of laughter as Jene’ offered entertaining commentary as the MC. It was a great time for students to connect with one another, especially students from other cohorts and alumni. Some of the players had their children and pets in the background which helped the event feel more casual and open. Overall the event was a hit!

A student reflected that “the opportunity to chat with new people who have gone through or are going through a similar experience” was great. We appreciate Jene’ organizing and leading the social event. Attendees offered a few shoutouts to Jené for her effort and creativity: “Excellent work, Jene! Your thoughtful and playful attitude during the event made it really fun.” 

Thanks for all your efforts in putting together this event Jene’! EdD students and alumni should keep an eye out for the October event coming soon – the EdD graduate assistants will be planning and hosting this event. If students or alumni have ideas or want to help host a future event, please contact us at  

Dr. Jason Suby, a 2019 graduate of the EdD in KIN program, recently presented his dissertation research virtually at the SHAPE America National Convention. Jason was originally accepted to present orally at the conference, but due to COVID-19, SHAPE asked presenters to provide an oral PowerPoint presentation that could be viewed virtually and widely disseminated. 

The presentation titled, “Effective Use and Implementation of Video Modeling in a Survival Swimming Course” is freely available to everyone. Please follow this link to view the presentation on SHAPE America’s website or this link to view on YouTube. 

In addition, Jason and his colleagues collaborated on an additional oral presentation that was set to be an oral presentation at the National Convention, but was then turned into a “Peer-to-Peer Teacher Professional Development” webinar. This is free to all members, but non-members must pay. See the webinar here. Congrats Jason! For more information on his research you can reach out to Dr. Suby directly at To return to the EdD in KIN web-page click here.

Dr. DeAnne Brooks held a “Scholar Strike for Racial Justice” on September 9, 2020 for Kinesiology students, faculty, and staff. She used the article “The Way We Never Were: Postracial Kinesiology in America” (Smith & Jamieson, 2017) to guide the discussion. Thank you, Dr. Brooks, for a very insightful session!

Dr. Brooks leading a Zoom session 9/9/2020 on race in Kinesiology.
Dr. Brooks leading a Zoom session 9/9/2020 on race in Kinesiology.