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Upcoming Undergraduate SOAR and ARA sessions:
June 20, June 24, June 30, July 12, August 4
Undergraduate Students: For questions on SOAR or ARA, please contact 336-334-5000.

Upcoming EdD Orientation:
June 22-24, 2017

On behalf of the Department of Kinesiology, Welcome to UNCG!!

Dr. Daniels, Dr. Raisbeck, and Dr. Rhea holding their awards
KIN Faculty wins three awards from HHS

Dr. Greg Daniels won the HHS Mary Frances Stone Teaching Excellence Award. This award honors tenured and non-tenure track faculty in the School of HHS for teaching excellence. Clarence and Jane Stone established this award to honor their daughter. They believed that “educational strength depends on the development and retention of great scholars and teachers”.

Dr. Louisa Raisbeck won the Junior Research Excellence Award. This award recognizes HHS faculty members for their outstanding research contributions. Each year, one tenured and one nontenured faculty member is recognized. Excellence may be demonstrated by the originality of work, a pattern of research productivity and the involvement of student in the research enterprise.

Dr. Christopher Rhea won the Jerry and Joan Morrison & Gail M. Hennis Teaching Excellence Award. This award was established to celebrate quality in teaching and to provide support to a graduate faculty member in the Departments of Community and Therapeutic Recreation, Communication Sciences and Disorders, Kinesiology, or Public Health Education. It was made possible by a gift from Jerry R. and Joan M. Tolley to honor Dr. Gail M. Hennis, a former professor in the Department of Kinesiology and Assistant Dean of the Graduate School at UNCG.

EdD in KIN 2016 cohort student Misti Wajciechowski, assistant professor at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) and her colleague, Tim Lampe, director for athletic facilities with VCU Athletics hosted a “Richmond Virginia metro area (RVA) STEM in Sports” event at VCU Stuart C. Siegel Center for teachers and students in Richmond Public Schools. Misti stated that “the purpose of this event was to provide students with an opportunity to experience sport specific technology that is used to assess and enhance performance.” Students learned the connection between sport, technology, math, and science at 18 STEM stations. Misti explained that this event gave students hands on experience about how science, math, and technology impact movement and sports performance. Over 400 students had fun learning about cutting-edge sports technology.

Congratulations to Misti and her team for their interesting work!

To learn more about her story, click the following link: With ‘STEM in Sports,’ VCU gives 400 Richmond Public Schools students a look at cutting-edge sports technology, Sports bring STEM to life for Richmond Public School students. Here is the story from UNCG Online Blog:

The junior varsity wheelchair basketball team at The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) ranked fourth place in the 2017 NWBA Southeastern Junior Division Conference Championship and was invited to 2017 National Wheelchair Basketball Tournament. David Kyle, a member of the EdD in Kinesiology 2015 cohort, serves as the director of UAH’s Ability Sport Network.  He strives to offer individuals with disabilities access to all types of sports and physical activity. He  is also a former Paratriathlon world champion who enjoys coaching.  He  was thrilled for his athletes looks forward to ongoing improvements and continued success.

To learn more about her story, click the following link: UAH’s wheelchair basketball team to compete at national tournament

EdD in Kinesiology student, Eric Tucker recently served as a moderator for an open discussion in policing and community engagement with local policy leaders and law enforcement at NC State Social Work Symposium. The theme of this symposium was “Policy and Advocacy: Intersectionality of Poverty, Race, and Gender.” The City of Raleigh and City of Garner police chiefs sat on the panel and discussed relevant issues raised by the audience. This discussion provided an opportunity to understand how to approach policing and community engagement more collaboratively. Eric explained that “this discussion established the need for collaborative efforts around controversial topics.” Although Eric admitted that he was nervous about moderating on sensitive topics, he was able to successfully moderate the discussion as he focused on the importance of relational thinking. He stated that “relational thinking provided a safe space for people to discuss and exchange opinions.” It was the first time that Eric moderated a discussion at symposium, and he looks forward to doing it again.

Overall this was an excellent professional development opportunity for Eric. Congratulations on your selection, we know it was an honor to moderate at the symposium.

UNCG EdD alumni Dr. DeAnne Brooks was recently honored as the recipient of the 2017 HHS Emerging Leader Award. This award recognizes exceptional achievements and significant contributions to the recipient’s profession, community/society or university.

DeAnne is currently an assistant professor at Salem College, where she has developed as a leader in the areas of academia, scholarship, and service. DeAnne was thrilled when she heard that she was chosen for the Emerging Leader Award. She was honored, and she felt this gave her the opportunity to think about how UNCG has played a role in her success. She is thankful for the support of her two doctoral advisors, to Kathy Jamieson and Bill Karper, who she credits with helping her find her professional path. She also had kind words of appreciation for her brilliant, energetic, and ambitious UNCG classmates. She felt very lucky to be part of the UNCG kinesiology department where she completed her doctoral studies in 2010.

DeAnne noted that EdD at UNCG was the perfect degree. As a former youth and collegiate athlete, she pursued her master’s degree in clinical exercise physiology and felt a doctoral degree that allowed her to focus on sociocultural aspects of sport and physical activity was an ideal fit. She discovered her passion of teaching when she taught her first class as a doctoral student at UNCG. She has continued to teach in higher education while also coaching youth, high school and collegiate athletes for over 20 years.  

DeAnne stated that she is a huge supporter of the EdD in KIN at UNCG and she thinks the program is thriving! She wished the best for all current and future students.

Congratulations DeAnne on your receiving the award. We look forward to hearing more about your work!

Visit the following link to view the recipients of Alumni awards for 2016-2017

EdD in KIN student Teresa Martilik, a member of the 2015 EdD in Kinesiology cohort presented with her teacher colleague, Megan Smith and her students, Daniel Morel and Zachary Lineberry at the National Special Olympics Unified Conference. This conference targeted Special Olympic staff and educators and focused on inclusive fitness programs for individuals with disabilities.

Teresa shared her concern, stating that students with disabilities are not as actively engaged as their peers. Teresa and Megan developed the Fitness Mentorship program at Central High School, that allows students enrolled in Sports Medicine and students enrolled in Special Education to work together to encourage an active and healthy life for students with disabilities.

Students shared their own experience about the Fitness Mentorship class and how they found it  beneficial to their health. During the conference, students were connected to other peers and teachers about the mentoring classes and their goal to develop inclusive programs for students with disabilities.

Congratulations to Teresa and her group for their innovative idea!!!

To learn more about her story, click the following link: Central HS Students and Teachers Present at National Special Olympics Unified Conference

EdD in KIN student Katie Wurst, a member of the 2014 EdD in Kinesiology cohort was recently appointed as the Director of Rugby at Queens University of Charlotte. Her responsibilities are to lead develop both men’s and women’s rugby teams at Queens University.. Katie has almost 15 years of rugby coaching experience at a variety of competition levels. She has coached collegiately as well as for USA Rugby as a coaching course leader and event management staff. Katie is very excited and described this as her dream job, and also noted that she is truly humbled to play a major role in developing a collegiate rugby program at Queens University of Charlotte.

Congratulations Katie on your new appointment. We look forward to hearing about the rugby program at Queens University of Charlotte.
Visit the following link to view the full story: Queens University of Charlotte Adds Rugby

On February 25, approximately 60 of the EdD in Kinesiology students, faculty, staff, and their families gathered together for a social hosted by the EdD in Kinesiology online program. Students and faculty gathered for food and fun prior to the UNCG Men’s baseball game vs. Michigan State, Women’s softball game vs. Longwood, Men’s Basketball game vs. Virginia Military Institute (VMI) at the Fleming Coliseum at UNCG. There was plenty of time for catching up with each other, especially when the Men’s Basketball game was was postponed to 7:00 pm start to help players recover from the previous day’s stomach bug.  The team battled back and earned a 74-67 victory over VMI (Click this for more details: Men’s Basketball game vs. VMI).  What a great way to show some school spirit, and catch up with friends. Despite the degree program being online with students all over the country, we are always looking for opportunities to stay connected with social gatherings like this and/or at professional conferences. The EdD in Kinesiology Online program put an emphasis on building a strong community among the EdD students and faculty.

See photo slides and videos from the event ( as well as the one from a Athletic Training recent conference (See the story here: EDD STUDENTS GOT TOGETHER AT ATEC 2017. The EdD in Kinesiology Online program is looking forward to sponsoring more of these events in the future.

If you like to read further details about the game results, please click the links below:

Men’s baseball game vs. Michigan State

Women’s softball game vs. Longwood

The UNCG Men’s Basketball Team ranked the second in the Southern Conference Tournament and advanced to the National Invitation Tournament (NIT) for postseason play (See more details here:

UNCG’s own Kinesiology Undergraduate student, Neil Barrett, was recognized for his service to the United States Air Force Friday February 17, 2017 at the Carolina Hurricane’s Hockey game.

SSgt Barrett served in the USAF from May 2007-May 2014 including a deployment to Afghanistan December 2011-June 2012. Currently a senior, he transferred to UNCG in the Fall of 2014 after getting out of the Air Force. When asked how the event was set up, Neil reported his girlfriend emailed the Hurricanes and set the whole thing up. “I was presented to the crowd during the pregame and stood on the ice during the singing of the national anthem. The Hurricanes flew a flag over the Arena the day of the game and then just before the pregame, they took it down, folded it and placed it in a commemorative display box” as seen in the photo .

When asked if he had any advice for other UNCG students, “The lesson I have learned more than any other during my time at UNCG is, “Fail Harder.” That is the idea that repeating things we are already comfortable doing only makes us better at those things, but true growth comes from failure. You should throw yourself into things without fear of failing. The great thing about UNCG is that it offers you a relatively safe opportunity to get outside of your comfort zone and push yourself to be better, to learn something new, or to see a new perspective. So take Japanese, study abroad, or teach a Zumba class. Do something that you have never done before and dive head first into it; because at the end of the day, whether it went well, or it went poorly, you won’t have failed.”

Way to go, Neil!