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My name is Laura Turek and I am a member of the 2019 EdD cohort. I recently became an online adjunct professor at Salem College in Winston-Salem, NC. I am teaching Biomechanics virtually to my students from Miami, FL. What excites me the most is getting to interact with my students and create my own course in the field. My experiences in the EdD program have definitely prepared me for this new role. I have used a great deal of my work from Kin 706 (online pedagogy) and KIN 762 (Program Design in Kinesiology). The work from those courses helped create the backbone of my current course and I have built it out from there. With those experiences, I was able to smoothly transition into my new role.

I was able to find my role through the recommendation of Dr. Brown. She knew I was looking to gain some teaching experience and she knew that one of our alumni was looking for someone to teach a course in her department. She helped us connect and with Dr. Brown’s wonderful recommendation, I was hired. Becoming a professor has been a long term goal of mine and I am very excited to be accomplishing that goal now. * For current and prospective students, I would say to always be on the lookout for new opportunities and to be prepared. You never know when the right position or opportunity might arise for you. Being flexible is very helpful too. I also recommend reaching out to the department if you are looking for an opportunity. The members of the Kinesiology Department at UNCG have always been welcoming and helpful to me. I would not have this new role without them! 

For more information about the program, please go here.

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The HUMARTS (Hennis, Ulrich, McGee Assisting Research, Teaching and Service) Award was established by Dr. Celeste Ulrich, a retired Professor of the School of Health and Human Performance, and Dean Emerita of the College of Human Development and Performance at the University of Oregon. This award is to recognize the professional capabilities and contributions of the professoriate in the Department of Kinesiology in the School of HHS at UNCG.

Dr. Hemphill is a tenured associate professor who came to UNCG in Fall 2016. During his time here, Dr. Hemphill has demonstrated a significant commitment to service, teaching, and research. He co-led a book club in Kinesiology around Ibram X. Kendi’s How to be an Anti-Racist, served as co-chair of the UNCG Faculty Senate Equity Task Force, is co-editing a special issue on Black scholarship for the Journal of Teaching in Physical Education, and serves on various committees at UNCG and professional organizations. He advises students in the EdD in KIN and CYSD Master’s Programs and, in recognition of his community engaged scholarship, Dr. Hemphill received the prestigious Ernest Lynton Award.

The Kinesiology department offers a Masters of Science in Athletic Training (MSAT) degree program that prepares graduate students to sit for the Board of Certification (BOC) to become Certified Athletic Trainers. The MSAT program is accredited by The Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE).

Athletic Trainers (ATs) are healthcare professionals who not only provide emergency care, but also help our patients return to activity and to regular daily activities. Athletic Trainers are experts in prevention, clinical diagnosis, therapeutic intervention, and rehabilitation of acute and chronic injuries and medical conditions.

The MSAT program offers an extensive modular curriculum in anatomy, assessment, rehabilitation, administration, general medicine, and more. The clinical footprint of the MSAT stretches across North Carolina in various high schools, colleges, clinics, and even special fields such as professional sports, military, and the performing arts. Students are constantly expanding their knowledge and skills with their designated preceptor as they apply their classroom knowledge to real-world experiences. The MSAT builds confidence and abilities as students develop into highly exceptional clinicians.

If the program sounds right for you, please explore the extensive information found on the MSAT Program web pages.

Or contact Aaron Terranova at:

MSAT Students pictured above (L to R) are Napoleon Manley and Zach Hamm

Drs. Ang Chen and Chris Rhea were interviewed for the Summer 2021 issue of Kinesiology Today, a publication of the American Kinesiology Association, for a feature about STEM education and kinesiology.

Dr. Chen spoke about teaching kinesiology science in physical education: “Our curriculum interventions are about teaching and improving elementary to high school students’ knowledge about kinesiology as related to national science and physical education learning standards as associated with physical activity and healthy lifestyles. My current project is a five-year physical education intervention study in high schools. The study targets Next Generation Science
Standards […] and satisfies national physical education standards.”

Dr. Rhea spoke about integrating kinesiology with STEM programs on campus and his experiences as the Director of the UNCG Research and Instruction in STEM Education (RISE) Network: “Our department has a long history of interdisciplinary collaboration. I suspect that is the case for many kinesiology departments, as that is the nature of our discipline. Our department’s interdisciplinary connections have led to many formal and informal STEM touch points on campus. For example, our RISE Network started over a decade ago as an organic group of faculty members broadly interested in STEM education. […] RISE’s signature event is the Science Everywhere festival, which is a community-focused event where faculty and students on campus open their labs and put on science demonstrations for 5,000-plus community members who visit campus …”

Read more in the Summer 2021 issue of Kinesiology Today (p. 16-18)

Natalie Boone has been named as the 2021 University Teacher of the Year by the North Carolina Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance (NC SHAPE). NC SHAPE is a top organization for physical education teacher education. Natalie is a member of the 2017 cohort of the EdD in KIN program and is on track to finish up her doctoral degree this fall. Her dissertation is centered on high school physical education quality and training. Furthermore, Natalie is currently an assistant professor of health, human performance, and recreation at Mars Hill University. For a story from Mars Hill University please click here. Finally, this award is not new to UNCG Kinesiology. Dr. Judy Fowler, a current faculty member, received the award in 2018. See here for more information.

Congratulations Natalie! Our EdD in KIN students continue to impress us. For more information on the EdD in KIN program click here.

Congratulations are in order for Dr. Kristi Vincint Johnson on being named an Engaged Faculty Scholar through North Carolina Campus Compact. Dr. Johnson is currently the Director of Dance and Assistant Professor of Dance at North Carolina Central University. A 2021 EdD in KIN graduate, Kristi’s dissertation was titled, “A Framework for Developing Effective and Sustainable Asset-Based Community-Campus Partnerships in Dance.” The program was centered on community-engaged partnerships through dance – where all entities involved benefited and the program remained sustainable. The Engaged Faculty Scholars program will give Kristi the opportunity to carry out a self-designed project that advances the scholarship of engagement at her institution. She will also work to expand faculty engagement at another member campus. For the full story from NC campus compact click here.

We are so excited to see Kristi continue her dissertation work beyond UNC Greensboro. Keep up the great work Dr. Johnson! For more information about the EdD in KIN program click here.

To wrap up the 2021 EdD in KIN orientation, our current students hosted an evening social that was filled with fun for our newest cohort. Things got competitive as students played a trivia game that included questions from pop culture, travel, random topics, and UNCG/EdD facts. All 18 attendees were very committed to this game, so much that we needed to have a tiebreaker at the end!

During the event we spent time getting to know each other a bit more, played a quick and fun scavenger hunt, and talked about movies/music that inspires us when the going gets tough. The social was designed to help connect our newest cohort with our alumni and current students, and it did just that.

Thanks to Crystal Reimer (2018 cohort) who with some help from Aslynn Halvorson (2019 cohort) and Nathalie Perez (admin) made this night possible. Crystal’s enthusiasm was contagious even through Zoom.

It was a fun ending for our incoming cohort and we can’t wait to ‘see’ them again in the Fall! For more information on the overall orientation, please click here.

Following our annual EdD in KIN tradition, we welcomed our 8th cohort of doctoral students June 7th-9th, 2021. Yes – 8th cohort!

We welcomed this cohort via Zoom where students were greeted by distinguished guests, faculty, and alumni to learn more about the EdD in KIN experience. The sessions throughout the three days included important information and training prior to beginning an online doctoral program – technology training, library resources, and financial aid and graduate school support. Current students and alumni of the program shared the challenges of balancing education along with career and family obligations, as well as best practices and helpful hints.

A major portion of the programming was time to connect and build community. The students engaged in community building activities facilitated by our GAs and the Weatherspoon Art Museum. Community is a core part of the EdD in KIN program The orientation culminated with a welcome social hosted by 2018 cohort member – Crystal Reimer.

The 2021 cohort felt their orientation experience helped to set them up for success and are excited to begin their doctoral journey in the fall. A few students shared –
I am so impressed and inspired with the level of passion and collegiality the students, faculty, and staff have for the program. Very excited to start this journey!
The faculty and current students really put the new cohort at ease and I left with a feeling of excitement and relief about getting started in the program. Thank you for a great three days and I am looking forward to working with everyone!

We owe a big thanks to all who helped make this orientation a success – faculty, staff, students, and alumni. We look forward to welcoming these students to campus in the near future!

Applications for the fall 2022 academic year are now being accepted. Our review of applications for admissions will begin mid-January of 2022. For more information on the program, click here or contact us at

Our EdD in KIN alumni, Allen Adeimy, is taking a faculty instructor position at Western Carolina University in the fall in the School of Teaching and Learning. He will teach 6 hours on campus in Health and Physical Education as well as supervise student interns at The Catamount School, Western Carolina’s lab school setting within Smokey Mountain High School.

He said “I am excited to be rejoining a post-secondary faculty at a beautiful state university. It is my goal to become a tenure-track professor, and I am thankful for this opportunity to build on that dream. I feel like my 4 years in the EdD in KIN online at UNCG (2016 cohort) has prepared me to contribute in the classroom, lab, leadership and potentially scholarship. Many thanks to Dr. Brown and Dr. Hemphill, as well as all the faculty in the EdD in KIN program who guided me in my classes and through the dissertation process. I will miss my friends and students at Ellerbe Middle School very much, but am excited to move toward my goals professionally. Go Catamounts!!!”

For more information about the program, please go here.