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Congratulations to EdD in KIN faculty Dr. Michael Hemphill! He has been selected as the recipient of this year’s Ernest A. Lynton Award for the Scholarship of Engagement for early career faculty. This national award recognizes a full-time faculty member who exemplifies excellence in connecting teaching, research, and service to community engagement.

Dr. Hemphill was recognized along with the following finalists:
Joshua Streeter, Assistant Professor, Theatre, James Madison University
Laura Trull, Assistant Professor, Social Work, James Madison University
Ayana Alan-Handy, Assistant Professor, Urban Education, Drexel University

The Lynton Award pays tribute to the memory of Ernest Lynton, who championed a vision of service that embraced collective responsibility and an understanding of colleges and universities as catalysts not only in the discovery of new knowledge but also in its use in addressing social issues. See here for a press release from Campus Compact and here from UNC Greensboro Research and Engagement.

Congrats Dr. Hemphill! We are lucky to have Dr. Hemphill as a core faculty member in the EdD program. For more information on the EdD in KIN program click here.

A big THANK YOU is in order for Ms. Emily Britt, the Department of Kinesiology Undergraduate Studies Coordinator. Emily is taking a position with the School of Health and Human Sciences in the Dean’s Office working with donors and alumni. Emily finished up her M.B.A. with a concentration in Marketing at UNCG this December. Her first official day in her new position is January 4th, 2020. 

The Department of Kinesiology is thankful for all of her hard work over the past several years. We wish Emily the best of luck in her new position!

On November 18th, the third EdD virtual social event brought students together for a 60-minute virtual yoga session to release “Tech Neck.” Throughout the session attendees shared thoughts about life, work, study, and the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. This event was hosted by several of our 2020 cohort members (Mona, Katie, & Amanda), and provided a great opportunity for the EdD students, alumni, and faculty to get connected and learn yoga and other simple ways that we can relax both the mind and body while at work or home. The participants enjoyed  doing different kinds of yoga poses and preparations led by Mona, Katie, and Amanda with simple equipment, such as a stretch band, chair, and wall. Conversations and sharings covered the topics of grateful moments in life, delicious food for Thanksgiving, and expectations for the final weeks of the 2020 Fall semester.

One of our hosts Mona, who is also a yoga teacher, shared that “many people hesitate to do yoga because they think they are not flexible enough, but that is why you should do yoga. Yoga is not just about physicality, but also about your attitude for life. Your attitude creates the context for your practice. Yoga is an expression from the inside out.” Some students shared positive attitudes about their life and study during the yoga practice, as one said, “I am really grateful for just the opportunity to have a job through this time and I am just really grateful for the opportunity to work.” Another student shared,  “I am grateful for the growing opportunity of this semester; I really enjoyed the process.” Students also talked about the food they anticipated at the Thanksgiving table that holds a memory of tradition and sentiment, “I have two, one is can shaped cranberry sauce, and the other one is green bean casserole,” and “Mine is going to be pecan pie and stuffing.” There were many laughs and meaningful conversations during the event, which made the virtual yoga session a success. 

A special thank you to Mona, Katie, and Amanda for helping to put together this virtual social. The EdD in KIN program always finds ways to stay connected. We are looking forward to meeting with students, alumni, and staff again in upcoming social events!

If students or alumni have ideas or want to help host the future events, please contact us at  

Dr. Callie Phillips is currently the Head Volleyball Coach and an Adjunct Professor at Johnson & Wales University in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Since earning her doctorate degree Callie has been busy – coaching and teaching! She is managing a nationally-ranked, championship contending volleyball program and teaching a course on coaching and athletic administration at Johnson & Wales University. The university is adding a master’s program in sport management in 2021, and Callie hopes to teach a course for it as well. Additionally, as Johnson & Wales plans to expand some undergraduate programs, Callie is looking to propose a Kinesiology degree or courses in the subject area. Recently she was asked to sit on a virtual panel on Women’s Leadership in Sport for the USCAA, and her team played in its second national title game this past season. The team claimed the USCAA Division II National Title in 2018 and were the runners-up in 2019.  Callie has coached 13 All-Americans and 25 Academic All-Americans in her 11-year tenure at Johnson & Wales University. The team will return to the court in Spring 2021 after its fall season was postponed.

Callie shared with us, “I am so grateful for my time at UNCG. The EdD program really helped me understand academics and expectations in higher education. My background was in secondary education, so I had to learn the differences between the two and how things work at this level. It also gave me the ability to pursue more expertise in my area of coaching so that I can be a better professor and coach.” 

Keep up the good work Callie!

Dr. Jacob Surratt was recently named the incoming Vice President of Student Academic Success at Forsyth Tech Community College (FTCC) in Winston Salem, North Carolina. Jacob was chosen from over 60 applicants for this position. In his new role  he will support and increase student success and FTCC. He hopes to build stronger partnerships with UNCG through this position. See a story from FTCC on the appointment here

Jacob shared, “The EdD program prepared me to balance multiple projects, write grants, and build connections with knowledge and people to succeed.”

Jacob begins his new role on December 2nd, 2020. Best of luck from your EdD in KIN family!

Dr. Jenn Schachner is currently the Program and Operations Director at the  Timpany Center, a non-profit educational and therapeutic center that serves community members through a partnership between San José State University Research Foundation (SJSURF) and Santa Clara County. She also teaches beginning and intermediate Taekwondo for the Kinesiology Department at San Jose State University. 

Jenn graduated in 2018 with her EdD in KIN. Her dissertation was titled, “The Effects of Modified Martial Arts on Older Adults.” Since finishing her dissertation, her work has gone international. Jenn has been collaborating and consulting with adapted martial arts programs – some these collaborations even started because people have found her dissertation work online. So far, she has had people contact her from Italy, Germany, and Israel to collaborate. Jenn is also proud of being able to transition many of her wellness programs and internship programs to online versions during COVID. Now post COVID (whenever that may be), her members want the online classes to continue as part of their services.

Jenn shared, “The degree alone allowed me to research my passion and then put it out into the world. At SJSU we have modified fitness and wellness programs for older adults in Kinesiology and we have a martial arts curriculum, but not many people are putting these two areas together. I want to pave a way for our older adults to benefit from the training in a safe, fun and enriching manner as well as show people that the arts are a lifelong activity. Without this EdD program, I don’t think I would have realized my own potential in making fundamental changes. One of the things I am appreciating now is that this program taught me how to be productive online and use all the tools needed to be successful when working during COVID. I have watched colleagues struggle to use google docs, Canvas, etc. but when SJSU and even my fitness programs at the Center went online, I was confident and efficient.”

We’re excited to see your continued work in the martial arts setting Jenn!

Recently, EdD in KIN faculty and students participated in the Association for Applied Sport Psychology’s (AASP) Virtual Conference. The annual conference was held virtually October 21st-24th, 2020 and featured a variety of speakers including Brandon Marshall – former NFL all-Pro and Kara Goucher – Olympic Marathoner and World Champion Medalist. Several of our EdD students were able to present their work and research. 

Theodore Monnich, a fourth year student, presented a poster titled – “Mental Skills Needs Assessment of Ice Hockey Goalies.” This research focuses on the mental challenges and strategies most necessary for applied sport psychology consultants to consider when working with ice hockey goalies. 

Amanda Aguilar, a fourth year student, presented a poster titled – “The Effects of Sports Specialization on the Family Unit.” This research explores how an athlete’s participation in sports specialization affects the family unit, focusing on the temporal, social, relational, and economic aspects of family life. 

Lindsey Hamilton, a second year student, was a presenter on 3 panels, 2 symposiums, and 1 workshop. The presentations spanned a range of topics including measuring effectiveness of applied mental skills work, on-field ACT-based mental skills interventions, considerations for working with high school-aged athletes, and how mental performance consultants can navigate the mental health referral process. 

Dr. Pam Brown, Dr. Diane Gill, Amanda, and Ted were all in attendance for the virtual graduate career fair where they were able to meet and mingle with prospective EdD in KIN students. 
Great work Ted, Amanda, and Lindsey! For more information on AASP’s virtual conference go here. For more information on the EdD in KIN go here.

This year’s departmental Halloween looked a lot different than years past. With face coverings, social distance requirements, and other safety measures, we couldn’t hold our 4th Annual Halloween Extravaganza.

We did have faculty members dress up with their families, still! Check out Dr. Raisbeck and Dr. Hittinger from October 31, 2020. Don’t they look great!?

The EdD in KIN program is excited to welcome two new doctors to the ranks. Dr. Lauren Griffin and Dr. Kristi V. Johnson successfully defended their dissertations in October. The defenses were virtual, meaning that Lauren and Kristi were able to share their research with not only their committee’s, but also their peers, friends, and families. Their work will have a great impact on their individual settings. 

Dr. Lauren Griffin defended her dissertation titled, “Minorities in Kinesiology: Challenges Encountered in the Pursuit of an Athletic Training Degree and Beyond.” This study, along with other related research, highlights the challenges that plague minority enrollment and retention into the athletic training profession.

Dr. Kristi V. Johnson defended her dissertation titled, “A Framework for Developing Effective and Sustainable Asset-Based Community-Campus Partnerships in Dance.” Her findings highlighted the importance of considering faculty/community pairings and transactional partnerships as valid entry points to more complex organizational integration and mutually transformative relationships.

Dr. Lauren Griffin
Dr. Kristi Johnson

Congratulations Lauren and Kristi on successful defenses!

Dr. Kimberly Clark is currently a Clinical Associate Professor, Master’s in Respiratory Care Program Director, and Department of Kinesiology Assistant Chair at UNC Charlotte

Dr. Kimberly Clark, smiling

Since earning her doctorate degree from UNCG she has been more actively involved in professional service and research activities. Kim is co-chairing two committees as a member of the American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC) House of Delegates and working on a new project for the AARC Education Section Membership to develop a mentor/mentee program to help respiratory therapy faculty and aspiring faculty to achieve their professional goals. She is also working on developing two new graduate level respiratory therapy programs that are early in the development stages and was a co-author on 3 peer-reviewed publications in 2020. 

Kimberly shared, “The EdD program was very helpful in modeling a good online program. I use many of the practices that were incorporated into the EdD program in the courses that I currently teach online. The most important aspect about the EdD program for me was that it gave me a doctorate related to my professional field.”

Keep up the good work Kim!