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Three Ed.D. in KIN faculty attended the Digital Learning Initiative Symposium that was held at UNC Chapel Hill. The purpose of the symposium was to convene faculty and online learning professionals across the 17 UNC system institutions. Dr. Pam Brown, Dr. Erin Reifsteck, and Dr. Michael Hemphill were able to connect with alumni Dr. Sherry Sayler and network with people across the UNC system.

Nick Beresic, an EdD in KIN student, recently presented at the UNCG Graduate Research and Creativity Expo. The purpose of the Expo is to showcase UNCG graduate students’ accomplishments to the greater Greensboro Community. Nick’s presentation was titled, “Examining Low Back Pain Prevention Strategies in the Electrophysiology and Catheterization Lab.” The purpose of his study was to examine the role of exercise and physical activity routines, health education, and continued management support as low back pain prevention strategies. Nick joined many other Kinesiology graduate students in presenting their graduate work. Way to represent the EdD in KIN Nick!

Lisa D. Powell, an Ed.D. in KIN candidate, presented at the Southeast Collegiate Fitness Expo that was held at the University of North Carolina Wilmington in February. Lisa presented on the physical activity group therapy program that she has helped create at Christopher Newport University. The program is named #cnubwell and is in collaboration with the institution’s Counseling Center. During the presentation she shared information regarding the need for such a program, the partnership created with the Center, and the program’s curriculum. The premise of the program has also guided her into her dissertation topic, “The Effects of a Physical Activity Program on Mood States in College Students,” which she successfully defended a few weeks ago. She will share the findings of her dissertation at the ACSM 66th Annual Meeting in Orlando, FL in May.  She looks forward to continuing her work with #cnubwell and research in this area. Lisa shared with us that she is thankful for UNCG faculty for their guidance and mentorship!

To say congrats just doesn’t do it justice. Our faculty have really outdone themselves this year! 
Dr. Bill Karper: 40 years of service (not pictured)
Dr. Aaron Terranova: Anna Maria Gove Award for Teaching Excellence
Dr. Pam Brown: UNCG Award for Excellence in Online Education
Dr. Tom Martinek: UNCG Nominee for the O. Max Gardner Award

We also had 8 faculty recognized for Faculty Excellence in Research and Creative Activity! 
Dr. Louisa Raisbeck (not pictured)
Dr. Ang Chen (not pictured)
Dr. Will Adams
Dr. Sandy Shultz
Dr. Jackie Maher
Dr. Jenny Etnier
Dr. Michael Hemphill
Dr. Tom Martinek

Last but certainly not least, we congratulate Dr. Jenny Etnier a second time! The Julia Taylor Morton Distinguished Professorship in Life and Health Science has been Awarded to Dr. Jennifer Etnier

UNCG is proud to announce the new recipient of the Julia Taylor Morton Distinguished Professorship in Life and Health Science, Dr. Jennifer Etnier, Professor of Kinesiology. Dr. Etnier is a nationally and internationally recognized authority on the cognitive benefits of physical activity. Her work is especially important as she probes the relationship between physical activity and cognitive decline, with particular attention to people who may be at risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease.

Dr. Etnier has been a faculty member at UNCG since 2004. She was promoted to Professor in 2010, and she has served as Director of Graduate Studies (2011-2015), Interim Department Chair (2007-08), and Associate Department Chair (since 2017).

She has published three books (in several editions), more than 75 peer reviewed journal articles, and 17 book chapters. She has been instrumental in securing a dozen external grants and has received more than $8 million in external funding.

In 2013, she was selected as a Fellow by the National Academy of Kinesiology, an organization whose membership is limited to 250 of the most widely respected Kinesiology professionals in the US. In 2009 she was recognized as a Fellow by the American College of Sports Medicine. Among her many honors and awards, she won the School of Health and Human Sciences Teaching Excellence Award (2016), the UNCG Graduate School’s Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award (2014), the HHS Graduate Mentoring Award (2013), and the UNCG Alumni Teaching Excellence Award (2011).

Interim Dean Dave Demo said, “I’m delighted we have this opportunity to recognize Dr. Etnier’s stellar record of accomplishments. I can think of no one who could make better use of this position to teach and mentor students in the life sciences.”

About the Professorship: The Julia Taylor Morton Distinguished Professorship in Life and Health Science was established in 1996 by Mr. C. D. Spangler, Jr., then-President of the University of North Carolina System, through the C. D. Spangler Foundation. He created the professorship to honor Morton, a long-time friend and graduate of the Women’s College. Morton was born in Guilford County and served on the UNC Board of Governors for 16 years.

We are unbelievably proud of what this department has accomplished. Let’s go KIN!#UNCGWay #UNCGresearch #UNCGKin

Dr. Allan H. Goldfarb receiving the 2019 Montoye Research Scholar Award

Dr. Allan H. Goldfarb was awarded the 2019 Montoye Research Scholar Award by the SE Chapter of the American College of Sports Medicine.

This award is given in honor of Henry J. Montoye, one of the charter members of the SE ACSM chapter and past president.  The award honors a scientist whose research throughout their career has made substantial and significant impact in the Exercise Sciences. 

Dr. Goldfarb received the Montoye Scholar Award on February 16, 2019 in Greenville, SC.

UNCG EdD in KIN students and faculty recently teamed up to present at NAKHE (National Association for Kinesiology in Higher Education) in Savannah, Georgia. Dr. Diane Gill and six students (Teri Schlosser, Susan Edkins, Beverly Justice, Marcia Rosiek, Christine Rockey and Amanda Aguilar) participated in a panel discussion titled: “The EdD in Kinesiology: A doctoral program for scholarly professionals.” The session focused on the students’ views and experiences as the key markers of program success, and guidance for continuing to improve the EdD in KIN program. Following a brief overview of the EdD in KIN program, the main session was a panel discussion with 6 EdD students, who represented different stages in the program, and who work in varied professional settings, including physical education, sports medicine, health/fitness, and higher education. More specifically, the panelists first discussed experiences with moving into academia while also maintaining professional positions. Discussion points included challenges, as well as both personal and program strategies that helped students meet these challenges. Then, in the second part of the session, panelists discussed applying/using knowledge and skills in professional practice. Discussion points included specific ways students have applied knowledge or skills from courses and experiences in the EdD program into current professional practice, dissertation projects that directly address issues in professional practice, and action plans for moving beyond the EdD dissertation and program to further enhance both their own professional practice and the larger field of kinesiology.

In addition to the panel discussion, a few students presented posters on the scholarly work they have been doing as a part of the EdD in KIN program. Christine Rocky presented a poster titled: “The Impact of High Intensity Training on the Fitness of Middle School Students: A Pilot Study.” She discussed how HIT will allow for more repetitions and time on task for the traditional physical education class while improving fitness for each student. Marcia Rosiek presented a poster titled: “The impact of outdoor play environments on PA and cognitive function in preschoolers.” She highlighted that more outdoor PA may decrease sedentary time and increase PA among preschoolers.
Overall, students and described the experience presenting as NAKHE as powerful. Amanda Aguilar stated, “The time I was able to spend at the NAKHE conference was definitely a great learning experience as well as a motivational tool. I left the conference excited about to get back to work and get more involved in the future of the organization. Hearing the reputation of UNCG’s Kinesiology program throughout the country just reinforced what I already knew: we have a top-notch program! Presenting with Dr. Gill and four of my Ed.D colleagues on the experiences within our online program was rewarding.”

Story by Shelby Anderson

All Day Advising is Wednesday, March 27!
Reminder for Juniors and Seniors on degree works, All Day Advising is mandatory to receive your advising code! All PEHTE students, please make arrangements to attend.

If your degree works has you listed as a Freshman or Sophomore, you will not attend All Day Advising. You will receive your advising and advising code from the HHS Advising Center. To make an appointment, go to their website: and click “Schedule an Appointment” under their Telephone and Email.

Quick Tips for All Day ADvising:

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CONSEQUENCE FOR NOT ATTENDING: If you are a student who is required to attend and do not show, do not fill out the absentee form, and/or do not produce documentation of the absence, your advising code will be released to you on APRIL 18th. That gives you six days to register before a late registration fee is applied to your account ($45.) After All Day Advising, Ms. Britt will send absentee form approvals to students who get approved. She will then send instructions on how to receive your Fall 2019 advising code if you did not attend All Day Advising.

Congratulations to Dr. Will Adams, the 2019 American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) New Investigator Award recipient! Dr. Adams will be presenting findings at the American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting in May on work done in the Department of Kinesiology investigating racial and ethnic differences in 24 hour hydration status among college-aged men and women.  Dr. Adams’ research found that  college-aged non-Hispanic Black men and women were inadequately hydrated compared to their non-Hispanic White counterparts when assessed over consecutive days. Furthermore, women were significantly less hydrated than men, independent of racial background. 

UNCG EdD in KIN alum, Elizabeth “Lizzie” Lange, Assistant Professor and Program Director for Exercise and Sport Science, at William Peace University (WPU), was elated when selected to create the program back in early 2017.  Lizzie said, “It was exciting to have the opportunity to use my education, knowledge, and past experience to start a new academic program, which ultimately benefits the wonderful undergraduate students at WPU, for exciting and numerous career possibilities in health, fitness, and sport related fields.”

The undergraduate majors in the Exercise and Sport Science program at WPU, are intended to examine the relationship between exercise and human performance, including the role of physical activity in the promotion of healthy lifestyles. William Peace University offers a major in Exercise and Sport Science (B.S.), which prepares students who want to pursue graduate school in Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Athletic Training, and other accelerated degrees. Recently, Lizzie created a new second major in ESS, Sport and Fitness Studies (B.A.) which prepares students who want to go directly into a career, after graduation from WPU, for coaching, personal training, sport management, strength & conditioning, and sport management.  

The program has been successful, under Lizzie’s leadership, including creating new academic curricula, establishing partnerships for immersive learning in the Triangle area, running an ESS summer camp, and enthusiastically exposing WPU students to the vast realms of Exercise and Sport Science. She shared, “It’s been rewarding to see the Exercise and Sport Science program grow at WPU, including the number of majors, the number of students in the ESS courses, and the excitement about the program on campus.”

Lizzie received her Doctor of Education in Kinesiology from UNC Greensboro in 2011, when the program was still an in-person program. Lizzie shared with us that she is grateful for the ways the EdD in KIN program at UNCG has prepared her for this position. “My education in the EdD (Doctoral) courses, mentoring by the faculty there (specifically Dr. Diane Gill, Dr. Kathy Williams, Dr. Kathy Ennis, Dr. Jennifer Etnier, Dr. Tom Martinek, Dr. Tom Karper), and the creative freedom to learn and lead experientially in the program, prepared me for this position at WPU.”

Aside from her success at William Peace University, Lizzie is also the author of a children’s book (entitled The Adventures of the Missing Sock)— featuring the stories of socks who are not merely missing, but have chosen to follow their big dreams. If you’re interested in learning more about her book check it out here, as well as Lizzie’s author page here.

Here at UNCG we are proud of the accomplishments of our alumni and the fact that they want to stay connected with us long after graduating. Congrats Lizzie and keep up the good work at WPU! Click here for an informational video on the new ESS program at Peace or click here to take you to WPU’s ESS website.

Story by: Shelby Anderson

EdD in Kin faculty Dr. Erin Reifsteck recently presented at Southeast American College of Sports Medicine (SEACSM). The conference was held February 14th-16th in Greenville, SC. The project was a collaboration with other kinesiology faculty Dr. Laurie Wideman and Dr. Jackie Maher, nutrition faculty Dr. Lenka Shriver, and PhD students Jamian Newton and Rachael Hunt. The poster was titled, “Tracking Changes in Physical Activity During the Transition out of College Sports: A Pilot Study.” It’s one part of a larger study on college athlete transition. Dr. Reifsteck shared with us, “SEACSM provided a great opportunity for us to disseminate our pilot work looking at how physical activity levels change during the transition out of college sports. Previous research suggests that former student-athletes may find it difficult to maintain high levels of physical activity outside of the structured college sport environment, but more research is needed to prospectively examine changes in physical activity and health status. I enjoyed speaking with other colleagues, and especially students, who are interested in continuing this line of research.”

Students who are interested in the EdD in KIN program have the opportunity to work with faculty like Dr. Reifsteck. For more information on Dr. Reifsteck or her research, check out her Faculty Profile Here

Story written by: Shelby Anderson