Department of Kinesiology

School of Health and Human Sciences

Community Engagement: Fitness Assessment

The Fitness assessment program is an outreach program to help both UNCG members and the community to obtain valid measures of selected health related components of health fitness and or performance. The components of fitness that we can determine use valid scientific procedures. The program is primarily staffed by Kinesiology Department Exercise Physiology faculty and graduate students for learning purposes and as a service to the community.

See the full list of services and prices (PDF).


  1. To evaluate the aerobic capacity of the individual using either a maximal aerobic protocol or submaximal protocol.
  2. To evaluate a person’s percent body fat using one of the established methods available: Hydrostatic, Skinfolds or air displacement (Bod-Pod) procedures.
  3. To evaluate if resting metabolic rate is within normal ranges.
  4. To determine a person’s power analysis on a cycle ergometer.


To arrange for one or more of these assessments, contact Dr. Allan H. Goldfarb at


Student/Faculty/Staff Community
VO2 Max Test (no MD needed) $100 $200
VO2 Max Test (MD needed) $300 $400
Submaximal test (treadmill or cycle)
with ECG rhythm
$50 $75
Hydrostatic weighing for body composition $50 $100
Skinfolds Measurements $25 $50
Power analysis test on cycle ergometer
no VO2 No ECG- only polar monitor for HR
$75 $150
Resting metabolic rate $50 $75