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UNCG Alumna Creates Legacy Through Scholarships

Recipients of Alumni Scholarship

I grew up with a very strong curiosity factor. Woman’s College gave me the life skills, education, motivation, and confidence to pursue that curiosity at many levels. Mary “Bobbi” Miller Carson, class of ’58

Kinesiology Professor Say Vision Boards Help Athletes, Too

Alan Chu

Instead of thinking about yourself being able to run a marathon, it’s seeing and imagining yourself as a runner. When we have that sense of identity, we are more likely to believe we can achieve our goals, rather than doubting ourselves—a vision board is powerful in that sense.

Dr. Goldfarb Shares How to Treat Sore Muscles

Allan Goldfarb

Kinesiology Professor Dr. Allan Goldfarb suggests you ice the sore area right after the exercise to cut inflammation. Use heat later to increase blood flow to an area. Heat can also help relieve joint pain.

Students excel in UNCG’s pre-med programs

Pre med advising with Robin Maxwell

this wall is packed with invaluable resources, including year-to-year course advising, summer internship opportunities, and extensive information on what medical schools seek in prospective students. Daniel Araya, biology major



Kinesiology Sport and Exercise doctoral student Yeongjun “Y.J.” Seo was selected as one of four students for the national Outstanding Student Paper Award by the North American Society for the Psychology of Sport & Physical Activity.

Kinesiology Professor Receives Research Award from UNCG

using smart phones

Dr. Jaclyn Maher received the 2024 Early Career Research Excellence Award from UNCG. Her research focuses on hard-to-access populations, including older adults. She received a R15 award from the NIH Institute on Aging for $423,565.

Kinesiology Professor Offers Strength Training Tips

anne brady

We do not just need to get our steps in; we need to get in reps—as in curls, push-ups and squats. That’s why the federal Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, the World Health Organization, and others specify two or more sessions a week of muscle-strengthening activities.