Department of Kinesiology

School of Health and Human Sciences

Undergraduate: FAQs

Where is the major application?

The major application is under our admitted and current student tab, click advising, then scroll to “Major Application.”

When should I apply?

Students should apply after they have satisfied the needed criteria. Students should not apply if they are currently enrolled in any of the prerequisite courses. Students should wait until grades have posted.

How do I know if I have been accepted?

Applications are typically processed once a month and confirmation email is sent once approved/denied. Students are encouraged to apply as soon as they meet the criteria. Delays in applying may prevent enrollment in upper level courses.

Do transfer courses count?

Transfer students should ensure their courses will substitute in. Students who have any issues with transfer courses should discuss this with the Registrar. Please note a minimum of 3 student hours of anatomy and 3 student hours of physiology is required. Anatomy/physiology combined courses must be at least 6 student hours to count as both anatomy and physiology. Students may take multiple levels of combined anatomy and physiology courses (A&P I and A&P II) in order to achieve the minimum 6 student hours.

What is the estimated cost of the program?

This can vary depending on credit hours and tuition rate changes.The most up to date information is provided at the Cashiers and Student Accounts Office website.