Department of Kinesiology

School of Health and Human Sciences

Graduate: Process and Requirements

Please follow these steps when submitting an application to graduate school in the Department of Kinesiology. The first 4 steps are required by The Graduate School at UNCG. The last are required by the Department of Kinesiology. For questions, please contact the department ( Also see Graduate School FAQs.

Graduate School Requirements

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1Online application to The Graduate School

Login to the Graduate School’s online application

2All official transcripts

Send to the Graduate School directly. One official transcript is needed from all colleges and universities previously attended. If credit from one institution has been transferred to another and is listed on the receiving institution’s transcript, a transcript from the original institution is not required. If an applicant is currently enrolled in a degree program and will not graduate prior to an admission deadline, transcripts should be provided that reflect courses in progress. It will speed up the processing of your application greatly if you also upload an unofficial copy of your transcript(s) issued by your institution(s) registrar’s office that includes the official seal as part of your online application (student advising transcripts are not accepted). Please remember that you must still have your official transcript(s) sent to The Graduate School even if you supply official copies.

3GRE scores

Notify the testing service you are using to send your results to UNCG (testing code 5913). We expect the verbal and the quantitative scores to each be at least in the 50th percentile. The GRE writing score is also required. Scores are valid for five years from the time originally taken. The English Language Proficiency requirement must be fulfilled for all non-native English speaking applicants regardless of citizenship. It can be waived if the student has earned a US degree or has an acceptable score on either the TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE exam. It can also be fulfilled by completing Level 5 of our Interlink program.  Please see more information on requirements for international applicants here.

4Three recommendations

The Department would like at least two of the recommendations to be from faculty members who can address your academic capability. You may have more than three. It will speed up the processing of your application greatly if you take advantage of having your recommenders upload their recommendations directly into The Graduate School’s online application system.


Please note that items 1-4 are required for the Graduate School application to be complete. You must also upload the Kinesiology Department supplementary application materials below for your application to be reviewed by the Department.

Department of Kinesiology – Supplemental Applications

5KIN Supplementary Application Materials

Download the Supplementary Application for MS, MSAT, MS/PhD, and PhD (required) here: Supplementary Application For Graduate Admission

Download the KIN Supplementary EdD Application Materials (required) here: Supplementary Application for Admission to EdD Program

Our department requires a goal statement (2 pages) and resume from all applicants. PhD applicants are also required to submit a writing sample. Your application will be reviewed by faculty in your interest area. We advise you to contact the faculty member or members that are in your interest area.

MSAT Only: Prospective students interested in the Entry-level Master’s in Athletic Training concentration (MSAT) should follow the admission guidelines posted at the application process page. Applicants to the MSAT program should apply for the Summer term.

Please upload all Department of Kinesiology supplemental application materials as supplemental documents to the Graduate School’s online application. Please contact Jean Rosales at if you have any questions about the additional departmental documents required.

6Graduate Assistantship Applications - MS Word

Please upload the assistantship application directly to your online Graduate School application as a supplemental document. NOTE: In most cases, EdD/MSAT applicants are not eligible for assistantships. Please contact Jean Rosales at if you have any questions about the assistantship application.

7Application Materials

The application deadline is January 15th if you would like to be considered for an assistantship and is also the deadline for priority consideration. However, admission decisions will continue to be made through April 1 for the EdD program and through July 1 for MS, MS/PhD, and PhD programs as program capacity allows. The final deadline for MSAT applications is January 15th. Most applications are reviewed in the spring for fall admission. MSAT applications are reviewed for summer admission. Spring admission is possible, but unlikely, and we have no assistantship funds for spring applicants.


Important: International applicants are required to have their credentials formally evaluated. More information about this requirement can be found here.