Department of Kinesiology

School of Health and Human Sciences

Admitted & Current: Graduation Requirements

Undergraduate Students

Major Requirements (C or higher)

KIN 220 Lifetime Wellness KIN 250 Introduction to Kinesiology
KIN265 Strength Training and Conditioning KIN 330 Critical Analyses for a Physically Active Society
KIN 353 Injury and Illness in Physical Activity* KIN 370 Assessment and Evaluation in Kinesiology
KIN 375 Physiology of Sport and Physical Activity* (Must make a C in Anatomy and Physiology) KIN 376 Biomechanics of Sport and Physical Activity*
KIN 379 Instructional Methods of Physical Activity KIN 386 Motor Development and Learning*
KIN 388 Psychology of Physical Activity
Students must complete 4 activity courses in addition to 265. Courses with an asterisk (*) cannot be taken if a student is listed as Pre-KIN. Please see Moving from PKIN to KIN.


Students must have at least 15 hours of electives. 6 hours must come from KIN 100-599 that are not satisfying other requirements. Students may also choose from the list below.

BIO 112, 280-599 CHE 205-599 CTR 101-599
HHS 110-599 HDF 211-599 NTR 213-399
PHY 205-599 PSY 230-599 HEA 113-599
SWK 215-599 SOC 101-599 KIN 101-599

Graduate Students

An Application for Graduation is required of all Master’s and Doctoral students, and can be accessed and submitted through UNCGenie. The deadline to submit this application is by the end of the first week of classes in the semester the student plans to graduate, and is strictly enforced by the Graduate School. Graduation information and important dates can be found on the Graduate School’s website.

The Application for Graduation and information on the graduation fee, final plan of study, and other important information/requirements related to graduation can be found on the Graduate School’s website.