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Graduate: FAQs

Who should I ask if I have questions about graduate studies in KIN that are not answered here?

You can contact Dr. DeAnne Brooks, the Director of Graduate Study, by email at or by phone at (336) 334-4008.

You can also contact us via email at

You may also contact individual faculty members within specific areas of study.

What graduate degree options are available?

Graduate student options include a Master of Science (M.S.), Master of Science in Athletic Training (M.S.A.T.), Combined MS/PhD, Doctor of Education Online (Ed.D.), or Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree. Graduate level areas of study include applied neuromechanics/sports medicine, athletic training, doctorate of education in kinesiology online, exercise physiology, motor behavior, curriculum and pedagogy studies in physical education, community youth sport development, and sport and exercise psychology.

Is there a required graduate curriculum I will have to follow?

Masters and doctoral degree curricula have specific requirements, varying from program to program. Some, like the doctorate of education in kinesiology online and the entry level master’s degree program in Athletic Training have very specific requirements. Others give students many opportunities to select appropriate coursework in consultation with an advisor or committee. See specific program requirements in the Graduate School Bulletin for details.

Can students be employed by multiple departments simultaneously?

Most graduate assistantships are limited to 20 hours per week, though some students are given permission from the Graduate School to work an additional limited number of hours. See the Director of Graduate Study Dr. DeAnne Brooks ( for details.

Are there any graduate student groups or activities?

During the academic year, there are between 6-8 graduate colloquia scheduled.  Additionally, many laboratory groups operate as informal groups. The Graduate Student Association also provides research and travel funding for graduate students throughout the University.

How can I find out information regarding tuition and fee costs?

UNCG’s tuition and fees are very competitive when compared to universities in other states and private universities.  A schedule of tuition and fee charges is available on the Cashier’s Office website at  Be sure to refer to the Graduate section of the chart and by the total number of credit hours you plan to enroll.  The Graduate School also provides information on estimated costs.  UNCG students in degree programs, who are taking 6 or more credit hours, are required to demonstrate proof of health insurance to avoid a health insurance premium being charged to their UNCG account.  To find out more about this requirement, please visit the Graduate School website at  Cost information for the Online EdD graduate program can be found at

Are there prerequisites needed to be considered for Kinesiology graduate programs?

For most of our Master’s programs, the only set prerequisites are holding a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university. However, the undergraduate area of study and performance in area-specific courses may receive more attention in the review process. The MS in Athletic Training does have required prerequisites that are available here.

Doctoral applicants must have a Master’s Degree. Applicants to the Online EdD in Kinesiology program must hold a masters level degree and have a minimum of 3 years of professional experience in Kinesiology or related fields to be considered for the program.

Am I required to visit the department if I apply to the program?

A departmental visit is not required as part of the application process, but visits are welcome.  However, it is recommended to contact the faculty member with whom you would like to work within the concentration you are interested.  This is especially important for applicants to the PhD program, as this program is mentor-based.  However, the MSAT in Athletic Training does require an on-site interview for applicants selected to the program.