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Tom Martinek

Tom Martinek, Ed.D.

264 Coleman Building
(336) 334-3034
Curriculum Vitae

About Dr. Martinek

Tom Martinek is a professor in the Department of Kinesiology. During his 40-year tenure at University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG). Tom’s research has focused on the social and psychological dynamics of teaching and coaching. Tom has directed and taught in Project Effort which consists of after-school sport and leadership programs for underserved children and youth. The basis of his work has evolved from his past sequential research on teacher expectancy effects, learned helplessness, and resiliency of at-risk youth. He is also the advisor of the Community Youth Sport Development graduate program. Most recently, he has established an alternative high school (called a middle college) for at-risk students on UNCG’s campus.

Courses taught

  • KIN 519,
  • KIN 520,
  • KIN 521,
  • KIN 622,
  • KIN 302,
  • KIN 419,
  • KIN 250,
  • KIN 287

Scholarly & Professional Keywords

Youth development, psycho-social aspects of physical activity, program evaluation, teaching and teacher education

Selected Publications

Cryan, M. and Martinek, T. J. (in press). Youth sport development through soccer: An evaluation of an after-school program using the TPSR model. Physical Educator. Martinek, T. J. (in press, 2016). Project Effort: Creating responsible leadership through values-based learning. Active and Health Magazine, 23(2/3), 43-46. Martinek, T. J and Hellison, D.. (2016). TPSR: Past, present, and future. Journal of Physical Education, Recreation and Dance, 87(5), 31-36. Martinek, T. and Hellison, D. (2016). Learning responsibility through sport and physical activity. In Nicholas Holt (Ed.), Positive youth development through sport (pp. 180-190). Routledge Melendez, A. and Martinek, T. J. (2015). Life after Project Effort: Applying values in a responsibility-based physical activity program. International Journal of Sport Science, 41 (11), 258-280. Lee, O. & Martinek, T. (2013). Understanding the transfer of values-based youth sport program goals from a bioecological perspective. Quest, 65(1), 300-312. Savoca, M., Oakley, M., Austin, A., Wideman, L., & Martinek, T. (2013). Heart of hypertension project: Development of community-based prevention program for young African-American men. Progress in Community Partnerships for Health, 7(2), 163-169. Martinek, T. (2012). Implementation of TPSR programs through physical activity—Different contexts. Agora for Physical Education and Sport, 14(2), 137-139. Martinek, T. & Lee, O. (2012) From community gyms to classrooms: A framework for values transfer in schools. Journal of Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance, 83(1), 33-38. Lee, O. & Martinek, T. (2012) Factors influencing transfer of responsibility-based physical activity program goals into classrooms. Physical Educator, 69, 188-207.