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Omari Dyson

AP Associate Professor
230 Coleman
Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Omari L. Dyson is an Academic Professional (A.P.) Assistant Professor in the Department of
Kinesiology at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro (UNCG). Dr. Dyson attained his Ph.D. in
Curriculum & Instruction with an emphasis on Curriculum Studies from Purdue University. He has
authored and co-authored various works that attend to the inter-relationship among power, culture, social
identity(-ies), and health. As an interdisciplinarian, he focuses on how love, power, humanism, reflection,
caring, mindfulness, and voice serve as motivators to social transformation. As a father, husband,
professor, community servant, personal trainer, group exercise instructor, and martial artist, he has
dedicated himself to serving various communities in his quest to combat child and adult obesity through
critical health education & wellness, physical activity & movement, policy reform, and virtual reality.


KIN 731: Curriculum Development in Kinesiology
KIN 642: Optimizing Athletic Performance
KIN 100X: Self-Defense


Family Systems; Pandemic Obesity; Child Obesity; Health & Wellness; Youth Mentorship; Parental Incarceration; Community Engagement; Mindfulness; Martial Arts; Transformative Pedagogy


Dyson, O.L. (2014). The Black Panther Party and Transformative Pedagogy: Place-Based
Education in Philadelphia. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.

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Film Review
Dyson, O.L. (2021). One Night in Miami [Film review]. Spectrum: A Journal on
Black Men.