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Our Faculty and Staff: Eric Drollette

Eric S. Drollette, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
237 D Coleman
(336) 334-3886
Curriculum Vitae

About Dr. Drollette

Dr. Drollette’s primary research interest is to better understand the association of physical activity and neurocognitive health during maturation. Specifically, his research focuses on acute and chronic physical activity effects on higher-order cognitive processing, academic achievement, and memory in developing children and young adults. Recently, Dr. Drollette has begun to investigate the moderating interaction of individual differences on cognitive and neuroelectric (EEG) outcomes in relation to physical activity participation. Given the significance of underlying cognitive operations to scholastic performance, his research attempts to determine to whom will physical activity behavior promote healthy psychological outcomes that are beneficial to the educational and social environment in developing youth.

Scholarly & Professional Keywords

Exercise Psychology, Developmental Neurocognitive Kinesiology, Physical Activity and Cognition