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In December our EdD in KIN graduate assistants hosted a social event as an opportunity to pause for a moment and share healthy food/drink recipes and activities for self-care during the lunch break. During the peaceful moment, we talked about how we used our lunchtime and offered some tips on how to use small blocks of time for self-care (see the slides). 

With students from a range of cultures, geographic locations, and various professional environments, it is not surprising that people have different ways of managing stress. Crystal Reimer, a member of 2017 Cohort shared how she taught mindfulness to the students she served in Dallas, TX. She mentioned that many of her students needed to understand how to control their emotions.  She suggested deep breathing exercises for relaxation as one of the most effective ways to practice mindfulness and help her students become aware of their emotions so they can respond appropriately. These are wise words that we as professionals can benefit from as well. We want to give a big shout out to her for sharing her positive energy!  

We hope you all had a wonderful break and are ready for a new semester! Thank you for those who joined the social event and shared the self-care MENU!

Chris W. Condran, DPT, has earned a new position as the Visiting Faculty Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy at Lebanon Valley College! Dr. Condran had this to say about his new position: “ I am excited to integrate my passion for rehabilitation with my passion for athletics in a course for doctorate of physical therapy students aimed at creating a thorough understanding of the human anatomy in motion.  This course is designed to establish an understanding of human motion through a typical and an atypical lens.  I am also teaching Clinical Interventions I & II for doctorate of physical therapy students.  These two courses are designed to fill the students’ therapy tool belts with the tools they need to successfully rehabilitate patients in the outpatient setting.” 

As a member of the EdD program at UNCG, he is working to finish his dissertation this spring.  He shared how his experience has helped him in his new position. “The skills and confidence I gained throughout the EdD program enabled me to deliver more educational sessions at conferences and in classrooms. This allowed me to network and gain experience to feel well qualified for this position.” Dr. Condran offered this advice for current and future students of the UNCG EdD program: “My best advice is to play the long game. I found that staying consistent throughout the program by taking one assignment and one course at a time, enabled me to feel less overwhelmed while managing all the other roles in my life.” 

Congratulations Chris! For more information on the EdD in KIN program click here.

Our EdD in KIN graduate, Lisa Almedina-McQuade, recently shared her dissertation work with her campus community at Lone Star College-University Park, in Houston, Texas.  Her topic addressed Yoga as a mindful physical activity to enhance college students’ well-being. Her findings were used to inform the student body, faculty, and administration about the benefits of a mindful activity such as yoga, and how it can assist with quality of life and mood.  

Lisa had this to say about the experience and the impact of her work:  “First, it was a relief to realize that I knew loads about the topic. The years of digging through the peer-reviewed journals had helped lay the groundwork. I found it easy to present the study and findings and to respond to questions.” Additionally, Lisa mentioned that she  was honored that the President of her college attended the event, and was encouraged when he shared some of the details from her presentation at a later meeting. Her presentation further validated the need for Kinesiology courses on college campuses as they provide a foundation for health, thereby allowing one to study, pursue a career and enjoy life.

 Lisa is on a mission to enhance the quality of life of others, with the hope that students and many others will learn about the tools needed to improve quality of life, how to obtain them, and apply them in their educational, career, and life endeavors. We are very proud of the work Lisa is doing and we are so happy to have her as a part of our EdD KIN family!  For more information on the EdD in KIN program click here.

Dr. Robert Owens has been an integral part of the Bryan School of Business and Economics transition to online learning during the Covid-19 pandemic. For his excellence in helping the Bryan School transition so swiftly and efficiently he was awarded the Bryan School Staff Excellence Award!  Dr. Owens had this to say in regards to receiving the award: “Supporting faculty during a global pandemic was not something I thought I would experience during my career as an educator, faculty developer, and instructional designer/technologist.  I feel that it was my doctoral kinesiology training that helped me “coach” faculty through the volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity; and sustain my focus.”

Congratulations to our EdD in KIN Alum Dr. Owens! For more information on the EdD in KIN program click here.

The Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology (ASEP) program is one of the newer concentrations within the Kinsiology Department. With only its third cohort set to graduate this spring, they are on the cutting edge of a rapidly expanding field. Unlike traditional master’s programs, which often require conducting research and writing a thesis, ASEP students have three semesters of practicum in which they get real life experience working with a diverse variety of clients. 

The populations they serve include youth to collegiate athletes of all competition levels and sports, weight loss program participants, music conductors, military veterans, and more. In their work, they teach clients about different mental skills like imagery, goal setting, mindfulness, and self-talk, to name just a few. 

Students have the opportunity to work towards sitting for the Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC) exam to gain a professional certification from the Association of Applied Sport Psychology. This exam requires a minimum number of contact hours with athletes and can be earned through meeting with individual clients, teams, and our mentors, along with attending practices and looking for additional resources outside of the classroom.  Although the program has “Sport and Exercise Psychology” in the title, the field as a whole is moving towards calling it “Performance Psychology” because of how versatile the techniques they employ can be. 

Contact for this area of study:

Dr. Jennifer Farrell –

Follow via Twitter Handles

@JFarrellUNCG – @UNCGAppliedSEP

A key to our success is all the wonderful people who work with the EdD in Kinesiology program including our own graduate assistants (GAs).  Each year they serve in a variety of roles to help support the students, faculty and staff – this includes behind the scenes work that sometimes goes unnoticed.

As program director, I asked this year’s GAs to share a little more about themselves.  Here is what they had to say…

The three of us are all doctoral students in Kinesiology Department. Josh is in his first year in the Ph.D. program, and Yongsun and myself (Yanhua) are in our last year in the Ph.D. program. We have been working in school-based and community-based PE, PA, and Sports programs, and would like to share our experiences with you. We will be available to provide resources and assistance for you to be successful in the EdD program. You will find our detailed introductions as follows. 

Yanhua “Eddy” Shen

 Hello everyone! My name is Yanhua Shen. I am a fourth-year doctoral student in studies of physical education curriculum and pedagogy. I am from China. I worked as a soccer player, a soccer coach, and an assistant professor before I came to the US. I am currently working as a graduate assistant for the EdD in KIN program. The EdD in KIN program provided me the opportunities to learn technologies and strategies that promote remote learning, and connect with colleagues from different fields in Kinesiology. My research interest is innovative pedagogies that promote children’s social and emotional learning development through physical activities and sports in school-based and out-of-school contexts. My dissertation is to examine underserved children’s social and emotional learning through a sports-based youth development program grounded in a hybrid models-based practice using a mixed-methods approach. I am glad to be able to work with you in the EdD program. Please feel free to share and communicate any research-related topic or question with me.

Joshua Jordan

Hello! My name is Joshua Jordan. I am husband to an amazing wife of 11 years, and the father of an amazing 10-year-old son, and 6-year-old daughter. I am a first year PhD Kinesiology student here at UNCG. My focus is in Community Youth Sport Development. I am African-American as well as a member of the Goshute Tribe in Ibapah, UT. For the past eight years I ran a basketball skills training company called Follow Through Athletics LLC. in Sacramento, Ca. where I was fortunate to work with players and families from many different backgrounds. After earning my Master’s degree in Mental Health and Wellness from Grand Canyon University during the pandemic of 2020, my wife encouraged me to further my education. I applied to UNCG and I am grateful and thankful for the opportunity that the university has given me. As I navigate this new terrain of scholarship I am currently interested in the intersection between Hip-Hop, basketball, religion, and how a better understanding of this intersection can help physical educators and coaches better serve youth. This is my first year with the EdD program and I look forward to working with all of you.

Yongsun Lee

My name is Yongsun Lee from South Korea. Yes, the guy everyone calls me “Sun.” I am doing my Doctorate in KIN with the CYSD (Community Youth Sport Development) concentration under Dr. Michael Hemphill. I teach Taekwondo-based martial arts at a college, a high school, and a community-based after-school program to help foster social-emotional competencies. My research interests lie in the area of martial arts pedagogy, social-emotional learning, best practices for sport-based youth development, and transfer of life skills learning. Particularly, I am interested to see how the paradox (learning fighting skills not to fight) promotes positive youth development. I like camping and hiking as well as playing tennis. As I have been working for the EdD in KIN program, I have many opportunities to work with many EdD in KIN students who are experts and specialists in different areas, concentrations, and states. As a GA, I facilitate many events, such as orientation, dissertation proposal/defense, or social events that allow me to know more about the students and learn more about different ways we connect each other. I am privileged because no other PhD students can do what I do. 

We hope knowing a little more about our GAs will give you a peek at the great support network in place for our students, faculty and staff.  They are an important part of the EdD in KIN family.

If you are interested in more information about the EdD in KIN program, check out our website.

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  • UNCG Kinesiology Graduate Programs Virtual Open House
  • Wednesday, November 10th, 12:00-1:00pm EST

Do you have a desire to study under experienced, award-winning faculty who are nationally recognized for their scholarship? Does being part of a department with ongoing partnerships with community organizations hold appeal to you?  Are you seeking interdisciplinary education and hands-on clinical experience in Kinesiology? 

Then attending the Kinesiology Department’s Virtual Open House on November 10 is your chance to learn more about how to become a part of just such a department.

The event will provide options to talk directly with faculty in your area of interest within Kinesiology.

To make your time with us as productive as possible you may want to prepare questions ahead of time regarding your area of interest.  Reviewing the program of interest to you offered by our department is a good first step in that direction.  Below you will find links to each program’s information page. 

In addition, come prepared to share how the degree from UNCG’s Kinesiology Department will help you reach your next goal (career, education, etc.).  How will this degree affect your future?

We are looking forward to meeting you and providing you the information you need to make an informed decision to choose UNCG’s Kinesiology Department to continue your education.

RSVP to the Virtual Open House event by November 9, 2021 using this form.

The EdD in KIN program hosted a virtual social event a few weeks ago. Yongsun “Sun” Lee, a PhD student and Taekwondo instructor, taught basic Taekwondo skills and movements including some punches, kicks, steps, and combinations of those skills as ways to move our body while having a lot of fun. Students enjoyed popping their jab and cross punches with Taekwondo steps. Also they demonstrated powerful front kicks and push kicks in their combinations, which was very creative. We did not forget to give big hands to each other after successful demonstrations and drills. One of the students who joined the activity said that “this was a fun social and got us to move in different ways.”

Taekwondo pose!

We really appreciate those who joined the virtual social event. We look forward to future socials to help keep us connected and having fun. Please let us know if you have ideas and suggestions for future virtual socials.!

Stay healthy, active, and connected. Good luck everyone for a successful completion of this semester! 

Best, GAs for EdD in KIN program

If you are interested in more information, visit the EdD in KIN website.

The UNCG department of Kinesiology will be holding an in-person open house to explore our graduate programs on Friday, October 29th, 12:00-3:00pm. Lunch will be provided. 

Learn about our 16 graduate programs, tour our research labs, meet faculty and current students, and gain tips about writing a strong graduate school application. There will also be a Q&A session to address any questions participants may have.

Please register to reserve your spot.

Get ready for the open house by watching this video:

We are also planning a virtual open house for our graduate programs in the near future, so stay tuned for information about that event.

Providing his students with physical activity opportunities during the pandemic

One of our newest students, Joel Frye,  was recently featured in SHAPE America’s Momentum issue for his work in equity, diversity and inclusion in physical education. Joel shared with us what he has been doing as part of the national organization’s EDI advisory committee and more specifically with his own early childhood and elementary-aged students during the pandemic.  Joel’s work has been pretty amazing – he is really making an impact in his community.  Learn  more from Joel below as well as look at the article on page 19  of  Momentum.  

SHAPE America Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Advisory Committee

The SHAPE America EDI advisory group was established to help create a common vision for EDI in the field of kinesiology, specifically health and physical education. As a physical educator, my role on this committee was to share my experiences, particularly as a Black male educator, and provide recommendations as to how we can improve EDI within our HPE community.

Collectively, we helped SHAPE America administrators plan and prepare for a roundtable event to be held during the annual conference and expo. With our input, SHAPE America designed an event inviting health and physical educators across the country to join the EDI conversation and discuss goals, objectives, and outcomes.

Physical Education Teacher – KIPP DC Public Schools

I have been a physical education teacher with KIPP DC Public Schools for 10 years working with the youngest students in early childhood and elementary school. I have always carried the mindset that as I receive students at the beginning of their educational journeys, it is my responsibility to provide a solid foundation and understanding for living a healthy and active lifestyle.

Our school is located in a low-income community in southeast Washington, DC where many of our families have limited access to fresh food or organized physical activity. I have made it a personal mission to create these missing opportunities so that my students and others in the community can benefit from the experiences gained through being active. At my school, we have an organized after-school intramural program that includes running, soccer, and basketball. Outside of school, I brought to our community a national youth running series hosted at a local park.

COVID-19 1-on1’s

In the spring and fall, I coordinate a 5-week youth running series for kids ages 2-14 years old. Due to COVID-19, our 2020 season was canceled. A large number of my students participate in this series and it was a real bummer for both them and their parents that we were unable to host the program.

In March 2020, when everything first shut down, we as a school and teachers were scrambling to figure out how to navigate virtual instruction. For me, as a physical education teacher, this proved to be even tricky. As core content (e.g., math, reading, etc.) was prioritized, I was left to find creative ways to engage on my own. I tried to connect via Zoom and conduct “optional” PE classes, but communication was hit or miss and attendance was very poor.

A parent of one of my student runners reached out because she wanted her son to continue practicing for our run series, so I agreed to meet with them at our local track. We eventually set up a weekly schedule and met twice a week. I posted a couple of pictures from our “workouts” on my classroom Instagram account, and I soon had several other parents asking if I was available to meet with their children as well.

This was super exciting for me as my responsibilities during the early days of virtual learning were extremely flexible. Having this group of families and students gave me an opportunity to remain engaged and continue building relationships. We coordinated days and time to meet and it was an awesome way to remain connected, safely, during 18 months of virtual life.

If you are interested in more information about the EdD in KIN program, please click here to visit our website.