Department of Kinesiology

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KIN “family” gathers at NAKHE Conference in New Orleans

Our UNCG “KIN” family made an impressive showing at the NAKHE Conference in early January. This year’s conference theme was “Connections: Leading for Good in a Post-Pandemic World,” which focused on setting the stage for reconnection and reflection on lessons learned, challenges overcome, and opportunities discovered through the events of the recent past.  Many of our current students, faculty, and alumni were in attendance. Some presented, others received awards, and everyone enjoyed the conversation and connections with old and new friends. 

Awardees included Dr. Jerono Rotich, a UNCG KIN PhD graduate, who was recognized as the 57th Amy Morris Homans Lecturer for her amazing national and international work centered around health of women and youth. She is currently the Associate Dean for Organizational Climate, Inclusion, and Belonging at Indiana University. It was amazing to listen to her own journey and how it has led her to be such a strong advocate for others.

Diane Gill, a UNCG faculty member, was recognized for her contributions and commitment to the field of kinesiology, and more specifically NAKHE, as she was recognized as the 48th fellow by the organization. Diane has been a key member in the organization, serving in various capacities since she joined the organization over 40 years ago.

A couple students & alumni were recognized for their research poster presentations, including Marek Gaddy (EdD student), Isabel Woelfel (EdD alum), and Teah Rawlings (PhD). They did an awesome job sharing their work and answering questions. 

Several students, faculty, alumni, and friends presented on a variety of topics.  One presentation, titled “Passing the Baton: Voices from a New Generation of KIN Faculty,” was a collaborative effort between UNCG and NCAT.  This panel discussion was facilitated by Diane Gill, and included EdD alumni, Lauren Griffin and Isabel Woelfel, current student, Marek Gaddy, and NCAT professor, TJ Exford.  Other contributors who were unable to attend included DeAnne Brooks, Amanda Aguilar, Alain Aguilar, and Mairym Villalobos.

Other presentations were made by UNCG Alumni, Erin Reifsteck, Misti Mueller, Andrew Cage, David Kyle, Isabel Woelfel, Jerono Rotich, Amy Stringer, and Brittany Pinkerton. Current students, Lindsey Nanney and Teah Rawlings, also had sessions. 

Overall the EdD faculty in attendance along with the many UNCG KIN students, alumni, and friends had a wonderful time. We look forward to seeing everyone again soon.

Community and connections are a key to the EdD in KIN program and the department of Kinesiology more broadly, which was obvious by all the hugs, smiles, and laughter. 

For more information, please visit our website at EdD in KIN.