Department of Kinesiology

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EdD in KIN Dissertation Research

In May 2022, the graduating class of the Doctor of Education in Kinesiology program presented their doctoral research to their peers, Kinesiology faculty members, and others at the Dissertation Showcase. The students designed the visual abstracts below to share their findings and the implications of the work with the community to help others potentially use the findings in their own settings.

Click the images to see larger versions of the infographics and use the links provided to read more about these exciting research projects!

Amber Booker

Time to “Step It Up” for Diabetes Management

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Lisa Kokx

Exercise at Home Effectively Increases Physical Activity & Functional Fitness

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Ross Bouma

TIME OUT!… What’s Going On?

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Chris Stratton

What You Really Need To Teach Outdoor Adventure Education

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Isabel Woelfel

Virtual Zumba Fitness Enhanced College Students’ Feeling about PA

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Dave Wiederrecht

Progressing Students’ Physical Literacy Perception

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Katie Bowman

Secondary Health Education Teachers Need Assistance to Access Professional Development and Learning

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Crystal Reimer

Mindfulness in PE increases coping skills

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Chris Condran

Physical Therapist’s LGBT+ Cultural Competency Increases Following Training Completion

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Dianne Habring

Physical activity classes reduce anxiety in Hispanic college students

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Abbie Wrights

Assessing Culture Is A Strategic First Step Before Promoting New Teaching Practices

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Trisha Williams

Biology Faculty Miss Key Opportunities to Improve Kinesiology Student Success

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