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Grad Program Highlight – Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology

The Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology (ASEP) program is one of the newer concentrations within the Kinsiology Department. With only its third cohort set to graduate this spring, they are on the cutting edge of a rapidly expanding field. Unlike traditional master’s programs, which often require conducting research and writing a thesis, ASEP students have three semesters of practicum in which they get real life experience working with a diverse variety of clients. 

The populations they serve include youth to collegiate athletes of all competition levels and sports, weight loss program participants, music conductors, military veterans, and more. In their work, they teach clients about different mental skills like imagery, goal setting, mindfulness, and self-talk, to name just a few. 

Students have the opportunity to work towards sitting for the Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC) exam to gain a professional certification from the Association of Applied Sport Psychology. This exam requires a minimum number of contact hours with athletes and can be earned through meeting with individual clients, teams, and our mentors, along with attending practices and looking for additional resources outside of the classroom.  Although the program has “Sport and Exercise Psychology” in the title, the field as a whole is moving towards calling it “Performance Psychology” because of how versatile the techniques they employ can be. 

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