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Laura Turek Earns a Teaching Position at Salem College

My name is Laura Turek and I am a member of the 2019 EdD cohort. I recently became an online adjunct professor at Salem College in Winston-Salem, NC. I am teaching Biomechanics virtually to my students from Miami, FL. What excites me the most is getting to interact with my students and create my own course in the field. My experiences in the EdD program have definitely prepared me for this new role. I have used a great deal of my work from Kin 706 (online pedagogy) and KIN 762 (Program Design in Kinesiology). The work from those courses helped create the backbone of my current course and I have built it out from there. With those experiences, I was able to smoothly transition into my new role.

I was able to find my role through the recommendation of Dr. Brown. She knew I was looking to gain some teaching experience and she knew that one of our alumni was looking for someone to teach a course in her department. She helped us connect and with Dr. Brown’s wonderful recommendation, I was hired. Becoming a professor has been a long term goal of mine and I am very excited to be accomplishing that goal now. * For current and prospective students, I would say to always be on the lookout for new opportunities and to be prepared. You never know when the right position or opportunity might arise for you. Being flexible is very helpful too. I also recommend reaching out to the department if you are looking for an opportunity. The members of the Kinesiology Department at UNCG have always been welcoming and helpful to me. I would not have this new role without them! 

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