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Drs. Chen and Rhea featured in Kinesiology Today

Drs. Ang Chen and Chris Rhea were interviewed for the Summer 2021 issue of Kinesiology Today, a publication of the American Kinesiology Association, for a feature about STEM education and kinesiology.

Dr. Chen spoke about teaching kinesiology science in physical education: “Our curriculum interventions are about teaching and improving elementary to high school students’ knowledge about kinesiology as related to national science and physical education learning standards as associated with physical activity and healthy lifestyles. My current project is a five-year physical education intervention study in high schools. The study targets Next Generation Science
Standards […] and satisfies national physical education standards.”

Dr. Rhea spoke about integrating kinesiology with STEM programs on campus and his experiences as the Director of the UNCG Research and Instruction in STEM Education (RISE) Network: “Our department has a long history of interdisciplinary collaboration. I suspect that is the case for many kinesiology departments, as that is the nature of our discipline. Our department’s interdisciplinary connections have led to many formal and informal STEM touch points on campus. For example, our RISE Network started over a decade ago as an organic group of faculty members broadly interested in STEM education. […] RISE’s signature event is the Science Everywhere festival, which is a community-focused event where faculty and students on campus open their labs and put on science demonstrations for 5,000-plus community members who visit campus …”

Read more in the Summer 2021 issue of Kinesiology Today (p. 16-18)