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Our EdD faculty and Graduate Assistants presented their study at the 2021 AERA Virtual Annual Meeting

Dr. Ben Dyson, Yanhua (Eddy) Shen, Donal Howley, and Seunghyun Baek presented their study titled “Social and Emotional Learning Matters! Interpreting High-Needs Elementary School Educators’ Buy-In and Constraints with Human Developmental Theories” at the 2021 AERA (American Educational Research Association) Virtual Annual Meeting. The study was presented at a roundtable session focused on the “Examination of Social Emotional Learning with Children” on Friday, April 9. The purpose of this study was to investigate educators’ perspectives on Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) in a high-needs elementary school setting based on two human developmental theories, Developmental Cascades Theory and Social-ecological Systems Theory. One of the presenters, Seunghyun said “It was a motivating experience to learn about different studies on SEL in other fields! We had a great discussion over the future research work for SEL with Children.”

Dr. Ben Dyson is one of our core faculty members in the EdD in KIN program, and Yanhua (Eddy) Shen and Seunghyun Baek are GAs in our program as well. We are looking forward to seeing more of the research work about SEL in PE in the future. For more information, please go here.