Department of Kinesiology

School of Health and Human Sciences

The EdD Cross-cohort Talk Virtual Social Event in March

Recently, several students from the EdD in KIN program met for a virtual Cross-cohort Talk to discuss a mix of research topics, including College Teaching, Youth Sports/Athletics, Physical Activity Interventions and Programming, AT/PT Clinical Education, and Cultural Issues. The students had requested this type of program as they wanted to talk with other students who shared similar research interests but they may not have gotten to talk with since they entered the program in different years.

Following brief introductions, the twelve students moved into three breakout rooms according to their interested topics. While in the rooms, students shared their current research and made connections. In the College Teaching topic breakout room, Mark and Amanda answered a number of questions regarding their dissertations, particularly data collection and analyses. In the Physical Activity breakout room, Crystal and Ted shared their recent research and experiences during the dissertation process. They also discussed the teacher/student relationship changes in the dissertation phase and suggested other students don’t be afraid to ask questions because “they [teachers] really want you to succeed and cross the finish line.” In the Cultural Issues breakout room, Alain shared his dissertation journey as well as “things he wishes he knew a year ago” with two 2019 cohort students, Tracy and Alma.

The EdD in KIN students enjoyed the Cross-cohort Talk very much. We are looking forward to having more students joining us in the following virtual social events! For more information about the program, go here.