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Interested in the EdD in KIN program at UNC Greensboro? Check out this interview!

Dr. Pam Kocher Brown, a program director of the online EdD program in Kinesiology at UNCG, interviewed with This platform provides academic and career resources to guide professionals and educators in education leadership settings and find various online EdD programs.

Dr. Brown shared her extensive professional experiences and perspective on UNCG’s EdD in Kinesiology program, including the overall EdD online program philosophy, program mission, online learning system, and learning outcomes.

She also provided crucial views on how the EdD program creates an integrative learning atmosphere through being respectful to diverse students’ academic and career backgrounds and providing various opportunities to apply theoretical knowledge in the professional field. She also indicated the importance of the reciprocal relationship between the EdD program and community development.

She stated, “As faculty and creators of this Ed.D. program, we were trying to think about how we could impact our community and give back, so the intention for the last residency was to showcase our students’ research and its relevance in a shared space for the community to see and benefit from, in a setting that feels very much like a professional conference.”

We appreciate that Dr. Brown has been making a significant contribution to leading a successful EdD program.

In other exciting news, our EdD program was recently ranked from Best 15 Exercise Science Degree Online Programs in the United States –here is the list.

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