Department of Kinesiology

School of Health and Human Sciences

Virtual Yoga Event Helps EdD Students Relieve “Tech Neck”

On November 18th, the third EdD virtual social event brought students together for a 60-minute virtual yoga session to release “Tech Neck.” Throughout the session attendees shared thoughts about life, work, study, and the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. This event was hosted by several of our 2020 cohort members (Mona, Katie, & Amanda), and provided a great opportunity for the EdD students, alumni, and faculty to get connected and learn yoga and other simple ways that we can relax both the mind and body while at work or home. The participants enjoyed  doing different kinds of yoga poses and preparations led by Mona, Katie, and Amanda with simple equipment, such as a stretch band, chair, and wall. Conversations and sharings covered the topics of grateful moments in life, delicious food for Thanksgiving, and expectations for the final weeks of the 2020 Fall semester.

One of our hosts Mona, who is also a yoga teacher, shared that “many people hesitate to do yoga because they think they are not flexible enough, but that is why you should do yoga. Yoga is not just about physicality, but also about your attitude for life. Your attitude creates the context for your practice. Yoga is an expression from the inside out.” Some students shared positive attitudes about their life and study during the yoga practice, as one said, “I am really grateful for just the opportunity to have a job through this time and I am just really grateful for the opportunity to work.” Another student shared,  “I am grateful for the growing opportunity of this semester; I really enjoyed the process.” Students also talked about the food they anticipated at the Thanksgiving table that holds a memory of tradition and sentiment, “I have two, one is can shaped cranberry sauce, and the other one is green bean casserole,” and “Mine is going to be pecan pie and stuffing.” There were many laughs and meaningful conversations during the event, which made the virtual yoga session a success. 

A special thank you to Mona, Katie, and Amanda for helping to put together this virtual social. The EdD in KIN program always finds ways to stay connected. We are looking forward to meeting with students, alumni, and staff again in upcoming social events!

If students or alumni have ideas or want to help host the future events, please contact us at