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Catching up with EdD in KIN Alumni – Jennifer Schachner

Dr. Jenn Schachner is currently the Program and Operations Director at the  Timpany Center, a non-profit educational and therapeutic center that serves community members through a partnership between San José State University Research Foundation (SJSURF) and Santa Clara County. She also teaches beginning and intermediate Taekwondo for the Kinesiology Department at San Jose State University. 

Jenn graduated in 2018 with her EdD in KIN. Her dissertation was titled, “The Effects of Modified Martial Arts on Older Adults.” Since finishing her dissertation, her work has gone international. Jenn has been collaborating and consulting with adapted martial arts programs – some these collaborations even started because people have found her dissertation work online. So far, she has had people contact her from Italy, Germany, and Israel to collaborate. Jenn is also proud of being able to transition many of her wellness programs and internship programs to online versions during COVID. Now post COVID (whenever that may be), her members want the online classes to continue as part of their services.

Jenn shared, “The degree alone allowed me to research my passion and then put it out into the world. At SJSU we have modified fitness and wellness programs for older adults in Kinesiology and we have a martial arts curriculum, but not many people are putting these two areas together. I want to pave a way for our older adults to benefit from the training in a safe, fun and enriching manner as well as show people that the arts are a lifelong activity. Without this EdD program, I don’t think I would have realized my own potential in making fundamental changes. One of the things I am appreciating now is that this program taught me how to be productive online and use all the tools needed to be successful when working during COVID. I have watched colleagues struggle to use google docs, Canvas, etc. but when SJSU and even my fitness programs at the Center went online, I was confident and efficient.”

We’re excited to see your continued work in the martial arts setting Jenn!