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EdD in KIN Candidates Lauren Griffin and Kristi Johnson Defend Their Dissertations

The EdD in KIN program is excited to welcome two new doctors to the ranks. Dr. Lauren Griffin and Dr. Kristi V. Johnson successfully defended their dissertations in October. The defenses were virtual, meaning that Lauren and Kristi were able to share their research with not only their committee’s, but also their peers, friends, and families. Their work will have a great impact on their individual settings. 

Dr. Lauren Griffin defended her dissertation titled, “Minorities in Kinesiology: Challenges Encountered in the Pursuit of an Athletic Training Degree and Beyond.” This study, along with other related research, highlights the challenges that plague minority enrollment and retention into the athletic training profession.

Dr. Kristi V. Johnson defended her dissertation titled, “A Framework for Developing Effective and Sustainable Asset-Based Community-Campus Partnerships in Dance.” Her findings highlighted the importance of considering faculty/community pairings and transactional partnerships as valid entry points to more complex organizational integration and mutually transformative relationships.

Dr. Lauren Griffin
Dr. Kristi Johnson

Congratulations Lauren and Kristi on successful defenses!