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School of Health and Human Sciences

EdD in KIN Orientation via Zoom

Following EdD in KIN tradition, our 7th cohort of doctorate students participated in orientation in June. However, things were a bit different this year. Given the current circumstances we welcomed the 2020 cohort to the UNC Greenboro community via Zoom instead of in person. The students were greeted by a panel of distinguished guests, faculty, and alumni to learn more about what to expect out of their EdD in KIN experience. The orientation addressed important issues for student success such as the use of technology, the challenges of balancing education along with career and family obligations, best practices and helpful hints, along with how to successfully and adequately navigate online courses. The orientation culminated with a social, via Zoom, led by the 2017 EdD cohort.

The new cohort was happy with their experiences during the orientation at UNCG and excited about classes this fall. Here are some of the things they had to say:

  • “Thank you! While I was so looking forward to meeting on campus, I am glad we had a well organized alternative plan.”
  • “I feel much better about what to expect as I proceed with the EdD KIN program.”
  • “I really enjoyed this experience! Thank you so much. It really helped me feel like I was part of the program already, and I’m so excited to begin! I only wish it could have been in person, but this was such a great alternative.”

Despite the challenges of creating a sense community for our newest cohort via Zoom instead of in person, orientation was a success! Students were able to develop a strong sense of community to help carry them through their four years of being an online doctoral student. In other efforts, the 2018 cohort is planning a “Taco Tuesday” and Bingo Night to continue this connection between and among EdD cohorts. We look forward to welcoming these students to campus as soon as the opportunity arises.  

Applications for the fall 2021 academic year are now being accepted. Our review of applications for admissions will begin mid-January of 2021. For more information on the program, click here or contact us at