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Business as Usual: Ten EdD in KIN Students Defend Their Dissertations Virtually

Congratulations are in order for ten EdD in KIN students who defended their dissertations virtually. A virtual defense was in the plans the entire time, but no one would have predicted that students, faculty, and staff would be arranging defenses during a global pandemic. However, with all of the challenges present, students were able to successfully defend their high quality dissertation projects. 

Some of the topics included: 

  • Adolescent movement quality in Physical Education
  • Health of Former DI Women’s Soccer Players
  • Promotion of Physical Activity in the Physical Therapy Setting
  • Physical Education for Language Acquisition

This account from student Amanda Durall perfectly captures what it means to be an EdD in KIN student here at UNCG. 

“My dissertation year was a crazy experience to say the least. I had twin girls in January of 2020. I finished my dissertation in between countless trips to the NICU. The girls came home in February, meaning I had to prepare for my defense while caring for two newborns. Add in the sleep deprivation and I was nervous, to put it lightly. On the day of the defense, which was in the middle of a global pandemic, everyone got a good laugh out of my “office” which was the backseat of my minivan. Aside from finishing my doctorate, all of these other factors made for an absolutely unforgettable experience – one that I can’t wait to share with my girls someday.”

Congratulations! We’re very excited to see all that you will accomplish! Us here in the EdD in KIN program wish everyone a happy and healthy few months ahead. 

  • Dr. Amanda Durall 
  • Dr. Christine Rockey
  • Dr. Randall Lazicki
  • Dr. Lynda Butler-Storsved
  • Dr. Troy Coppus
  • Dr. Melissa Goines
  • Dr. Anna Winstead
  • Dr. Marcia Rosiek
  • Dr. Sean Preuss
  • Dr. Shannon Cross

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