Department of Kinesiology

School of Health and Human Sciences

EdD in KIN Winter Social: Partnership, Pizza, & Play

The EdD in KIN program recently hosted our annual winter social. The social is a chance for students, alumni, faculty, and families to come to campus for partnership, pizza, and play. Over 80 students, alumni, faculty, and family members were in attendance for the event. 

The evening kicked off in the Coleman gym where everyone enjoyed a meal of pizza, wings, hummus, and cookies. Students, alumni, faculty, and families were able to chat about school, work, and life outside. Kids were able to run around the gym and play with basketballs, hula hoops, and more. 

After a great social, the group moved to the Greensboro Coliseum to catch a UNCG Men’s basketball game. Students, alumni, faculty, and families cheered the Spartans to a victory over Chattanooga, concluding a very fun winter social for this EdD in KIN family.  

Community is a key factor in the success of our online program and the strong community we have was evident as these students came together for this event. We look forward to supporting our student’s success through events like this that bring us all together. For more information about the EdD in KIN program at UNCG click here