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David Kyle, 2019 EdD graduate, Continues his Line of Research

David Kyle, a recent EdD in KIN alumni has been busy since graduating with his doctorate. His dissertation was titled, “The Impact of Youth Adapted Sport on Physical Activity of Adults with Disabilities.” In this project, he found that adults who participated in adapted youth sport perceived that it had a significant impact, leading to an overall active lifestyle with a focus on enjoyment, health, and preventing disability progression. He has continued this line of work since graduation. He has continued to serve in his role at The University of Alabama in Huntsville (U.A.H.) as the Director of Ability Sport Network. The purpose of this program is to encourage youth with physical disabilities to engage in sport. He shared with us that he just did a wheel-chair tennis clinic for the community where he was able to teach and get his adapted Physical Education students a real-world experience. Recently, he has also worked with a small private university to provide an adapted sport demo for their Physical Education students. He has plans to bring his work into a Boccia clinic later this month, further expanding his work in adapted sport. This is a busy time for him as he is also starting up his annual wheelchair basketball team. A news story about his team from last year can be found here. We are glad to see that David is continuing his passion for adapted youth sport after finishing his degree here at UNCG. 

We are excited to see what he continues to accomplish! If you are interested in learning more about David’s work or adapted youth sport you can reach out to him at or facebook and if you are interested in pursuing a kinesiology doctoral degree online reach out to or visit our website here

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