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Lindsey Hamilton, EdD in KIN First Year Student, Hosting Webinar for Effective Networking

Lindsey Hamilton, EdD in KIN first year student, will serve as a presenter in an upcoming webinar titled, “Effective Networking and Conference Attending: Student-Focused Webinar.” This free webinar is geared towards educating students about networking before the upcoming 34th Annual Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) Conference in Portland, Oregon on October 23rd-26th. Lindsey, the AASP Student Development committee chairperson, and other members of the Committee will answer questions like, “What is networking? How should I introduce myself to other professionals in the field? Where does networking go wrong? and What can I do in advance of the conference to prepare?” The webinar will be useful for anyone who is looking to learn more about networking, regardless if you are planning on attending AASP. 

The webinar is October 14th from 7:30-8:45pm EST. Register for the free webinar by 12:00pm EST on the 14th here. For more information on the AASP conference check out their web-page here

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