Department of Kinesiology

School of Health and Human Sciences

EdD in KIN Students and Faculty Team up to Present at the National Association for Kinesiology in Higher Education Conference

UNCG EdD in KIN students and faculty recently teamed up to present at NAKHE (National Association for Kinesiology in Higher Education) in Savannah, Georgia. Dr. Diane Gill and six students (Teri Schlosser, Susan Edkins, Beverly Justice, Marcia Rosiek, Christine Rockey and Amanda Aguilar) participated in a panel discussion titled: “The EdD in Kinesiology: A doctoral program for scholarly professionals.” The session focused on the students’ views and experiences as the key markers of program success, and guidance for continuing to improve the EdD in KIN program. Following a brief overview of the EdD in KIN program, the main session was a panel discussion with 6 EdD students, who represented different stages in the program, and who work in varied professional settings, including physical education, sports medicine, health/fitness, and higher education. More specifically, the panelists first discussed experiences with moving into academia while also maintaining professional positions. Discussion points included challenges, as well as both personal and program strategies that helped students meet these challenges. Then, in the second part of the session, panelists discussed applying/using knowledge and skills in professional practice. Discussion points included specific ways students have applied knowledge or skills from courses and experiences in the EdD program into current professional practice, dissertation projects that directly address issues in professional practice, and action plans for moving beyond the EdD dissertation and program to further enhance both their own professional practice and the larger field of kinesiology.

In addition to the panel discussion, a few students presented posters on the scholarly work they have been doing as a part of the EdD in KIN program. Christine Rocky presented a poster titled: “The Impact of High Intensity Training on the Fitness of Middle School Students: A Pilot Study.” She discussed how HIT will allow for more repetitions and time on task for the traditional physical education class while improving fitness for each student. Marcia Rosiek presented a poster titled: “The impact of outdoor play environments on PA and cognitive function in preschoolers.” She highlighted that more outdoor PA may decrease sedentary time and increase PA among preschoolers.
Overall, students and described the experience presenting as NAKHE as powerful. Amanda Aguilar stated, “The time I was able to spend at the NAKHE conference was definitely a great learning experience as well as a motivational tool. I left the conference excited about to get back to work and get more involved in the future of the organization. Hearing the reputation of UNCG’s Kinesiology program throughout the country just reinforced what I already knew: we have a top-notch program! Presenting with Dr. Gill and four of my Ed.D colleagues on the experiences within our online program was rewarding.”

Story by Shelby Anderson