Department of Kinesiology

School of Health and Human Sciences

All Day Advising, Undergraduate Students

All Day Advising is Wednesday, March 27!
Reminder for Juniors and Seniors on degree works, All Day Advising is mandatory to receive your advising code! All PEHTE students, please make arrangements to attend.

If your degree works has you listed as a Freshman or Sophomore, you will not attend All Day Advising. You will receive your advising and advising code from the HHS Advising Center. To make an appointment, go to their website: and click “Schedule an Appointment” under their Telephone and Email.

Quick Tips for All Day ADvising:

  • Fall 2019 Course Schedule is UP! You can go ahead and advise yourself using your degree works and the course schedule to know what courses you want to take. The Fall 2019 KIN elective list is attached.
  • Quick pass – If you don’t need to be advised for Fall 2019 course registration, come to the quick pass line to get your advising code and leave. You still have to fill out the course selection form completely (provided in the gym for you.) You must have a 2.5+ CUMULATIVE GPA, no holds on your accounts, and no Fall 2019 advising questions.
  • Print your degree works!
  • Fill out the course selection form completely, provided for you at All Day Advising.
  • Be prepared for long lines in the morning before 11:15am. The afternoon typically has less of a wait.
  • Remember doors will close at 11:15am, and 3:30pm. Students who are in the doors before they close WILL be advised!
  • If you cannot attend March 27th, the absentee form (linked here) will be open until 4:30pm that day. You MUST provide documentation. 

CONSEQUENCE FOR NOT ATTENDING: If you are a student who is required to attend and do not show, do not fill out the absentee form, and/or do not produce documentation of the absence, your advising code will be released to you on APRIL 18th. That gives you six days to register before a late registration fee is applied to your account ($45.) After All Day Advising, a staff member will send absentee form approvals to students who get approved. She will then send instructions on how to receive your Fall 2019 advising code if you did not attend All Day Advising.