Department of Kinesiology

School of Health and Human Sciences

Lizzie Lange, EdD in KIN Alum, Leads the Creation of the Exercise and Sport Science Program at William Peace University in Raleigh, North Carolina.

UNCG EdD in KIN alum, Elizabeth “Lizzie” Lange, Assistant Professor and Program Director for Exercise and Sport Science, at William Peace University (WPU), was elated when selected to create the program back in early 2017.  Lizzie said, “It was exciting to have the opportunity to use my education, knowledge, and past experience to start a new academic program, which ultimately benefits the wonderful undergraduate students at WPU, for exciting and numerous career possibilities in health, fitness, and sport related fields.”

The undergraduate majors in the Exercise and Sport Science program at WPU, are intended to examine the relationship between exercise and human performance, including the role of physical activity in the promotion of healthy lifestyles. William Peace University offers a major in Exercise and Sport Science (B.S.), which prepares students who want to pursue graduate school in Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Athletic Training, and other accelerated degrees. Recently, Lizzie created a new second major in ESS, Sport and Fitness Studies (B.A.) which prepares students who want to go directly into a career, after graduation from WPU, for coaching, personal training, sport management, strength & conditioning, and sport management.  

The program has been successful, under Lizzie’s leadership, including creating new academic curricula, establishing partnerships for immersive learning in the Triangle area, running an ESS summer camp, and enthusiastically exposing WPU students to the vast realms of Exercise and Sport Science. She shared, “It’s been rewarding to see the Exercise and Sport Science program grow at WPU, including the number of majors, the number of students in the ESS courses, and the excitement about the program on campus.”

Lizzie received her Doctor of Education in Kinesiology from UNC Greensboro in 2011, when the program was still an in-person program. Lizzie shared with us that she is grateful for the ways the EdD in KIN program at UNCG has prepared her for this position. “My education in the EdD (Doctoral) courses, mentoring by the faculty there (specifically Dr. Diane Gill, Dr. Kathy Williams, Dr. Kathy Ennis, Dr. Jennifer Etnier, Dr. Tom Martinek, Dr. Tom Karper), and the creative freedom to learn and lead experientially in the program, prepared me for this position at WPU.”

Aside from her success at William Peace University, Lizzie is also the author of a children’s book (entitled The Adventures of the Missing Sock)— featuring the stories of socks who are not merely missing, but have chosen to follow their big dreams. If you’re interested in learning more about her book check it out here, as well as Lizzie’s author page here.

Here at UNCG we are proud of the accomplishments of our alumni and the fact that they want to stay connected with us long after graduating. Congrats Lizzie and keep up the good work at WPU! Click here for an informational video on the new ESS program at Peace or click here to take you to WPU’s ESS website.

Story by: Shelby Anderson