Department of Kinesiology

School of Health and Human Sciences

Kinesiology and Basketball

On the evening of Thursday February 7th, our UNCG Men’s Basketball Spartans took on the Samford Bulldogs. The game was close. It’s the second half and fans are cheering, the players are off the bench, and a timeout is called. While most fans are taking out their phones, or even dancing with the music, kinesiologists, Michael Hemphill, PhD, Ben Dyson, PhD, and Stephen Borchik, MS, LAT, ATC are deep in analysis as the Spartans pull in a 75 to 67 victory.

What is it like to attend a basketball game with Kinesiology specialists?

Questions like “What type of injury do you think that was?” and “Do you think they learned that from a P.E. Teacher in elementary school?” are constantly being posited. While the discussions were mostly light hearted, they always circled back to their professional training and academic studies. Interested in learning more about Kinesiology at UNCG? Why not pursue a degree! Our degree programs can be found on our Academic Program’s Overview website.

Dr. Ben Dyson (left), Spiro (middle), and Dr. Michael Hemphill (right) smile for a photo.
Emily Britt (left), Spiro (middle), and Stephen Borchik (right) smile for a photo.