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Chris Condran: Advocating For Inclusive Clinical Environments and Eliminating Health Disparities in LGBTQIA+ Populations

Chris Condran is in the 2018 cohort of EdD online students. He is an outpatient orthopedic physical therapist with 5 years of clinical experience and an Instructor of Physical Therapy in the online transitional doctorate program at Arcadia University. Chris’ research and advocacy interests are centered in providing inclusive clinical environments for all patients, transgender health issues, and the intersections of PT clinical practice. Additionally, he is interested in eliminating health disparities in the LGBTQIA+ populations and establishing curriculum for LGBTQIA+ cultural competency in the classroom and beyond.

Recently, Chris attended The Amerian Physical Therapy Association’s Combined Sections Meeting (APTA CSM). This meeting brought together over 12,000 physical therapy professionals in downtown Washington, DC, making it the largest physical therapy conference in the country. At APTA CSM, he assisted in organizing the annual membership meeting to discuss 2018’s accomplishments and release of the LGBTQ+ handbook. Additionally, he was a panelist at the After Dark event where the topic was diversity in Physical Therapy. Each panelist shared 5-10 minutes of their personal story and experiences related to diversity, equality, and inclusion issues they had dealt within the profession. He also attended other continuing education sessions and supported his PTProud colleagues as they disseminated knowledge on LGBTQIA+ inclusivity in physical therapy.

Chris serves as a board member for PTProud, a catalyst group of the HPA (Health Policy and Administration) section of the APTA. The purpose of PT Proud is to improve health care access for LGBTQIA+ patients as well as support LGBTQIA+ students, faculty and clinicians within the physical therapy profession. The mission of the LGBTQIA+ Catalyst group is to unite PTs, PTAs, and students towards a common goal of effecting change in the profession of physical therapy through advocacy, policy, and promotion of competency education. Chris has put his UNCG KIN EdD education to use immediately upon starting with us in the Fall of 2018.   

Chris has been able to utilize knowledge gained in the UNCG KIN EdD Program Design Course to aid in establishing a direction for achieving PTProud’s organizational goals. The group work in each course in the EdD in KIN program has assisted him in becoming a stronger, more confident, communicator. He has utilized his knowledge gained to participate in a live podcast with Talus Media – Titled “Transgender Identity and The Impact on Our Patients” (Link Here). He has also written a political statement in solidarity with the Transgender Community following the leaked potential legislation against transgender, intersex, and non-binary communities on

October 21, 2018. Chris highlights his experiences as an EdD student by saying, “The flexibility of the online platform enables me to balance my roles as parent, clinician, instructor, and student.”
We support Chris as he continues to advocate for inclusivity in the physical therapy profession. If you like more information on APTA CSM look here. Additionally, more information on PTProud can be found here