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New Podcast Features Dr. Michael Hemphill on Restorative Justice Theory

Dr. Hemphill leaning on a wall

Dr. Michael Hemphill has been recently featured in two podcast episodes of the newly created podcast entitled “Playing with Research in Health and Physical Education.”  This podcast series, was created out of George Mason University and is intended for both students and educators in an attempt to make research in the field more accessible to all.  The podcast already has 15 epidsodes and over 1,200 listens.

Dr. Hemphill’s first episode, lays out the basics of Restorative Justice Practice Principles in the Theory Breakdown episode.  Dr. Hemphill’s second episodes features a sit down interview on Restorative Youth Sports.

To listen to these episodes click here or type in the name of podcast, “Playing with Research in Health and Physical Education,” into any podcast application (Apple, Spotify, Google).